New Brunswick air transportation: efficient and user-friendly trans-border air access is available through airports offering regularly scheduled passenger and freight flights, seven days a week.

New Brunswick Airports map

Three major terminals are located in the cities of Fredericton, Saint John and Moncton, where international connections are available within a few hours flight time to the key population centres on the northeastern seaboard of the United States, Central and Eastern Canada and Western Europe.

Numerous charter operations also offer non-scheduled, contract and specialty services.

Sample of flight times from New Brunswick to Central and Eastern Canada and Western Europe:

FromToFlight Duration Distance
Saint JohnChicago5 h 12 min2,217 km (1,378 miles)
MonctonParis10 h 10 min 6,455 km (3,873 miles)
FrederictonToronto2 h 20 min 1,380 km (851 miles)
FrederictonMontreal1 h 40 min 823 km (505 miles)
MonctonToronto 2 h 40 min 1,534 km (953 miles)