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Michael Roach President and CEO, CGI

New Brunswick has always been a leader in terms of setting up technology infrastructures and they’ve continued with that tradition. The turnover rates are normally at these centers much lower than at other global delivery centers in other parts of the world, especially in jurisdictions like India.

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Michael Whittaker President, Bonté Foods Limited

The ONB-organized Atlantic Roadshow involved minimal red tape and complications and resulted in increased sales of new products for us. We need more programs like it and feel it’s an intelligent way to bring real, tangible results to New Brunswick businesses. This was an excellent initiative.


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Matt White Owner, Sussex Beard Oil Merchants

My experience with ONB has totally changed my idea of what it would be like to work with the public and non-profit sectors. You walk in thinking these folks will make it all happen for you, but you find out that no, YOU have to make it happen; it’s your idea. But they will provide essential networking, support, encouragement, and advice to help you along the way. ONB truly wanted me to be successful and have really supported me every step of the way.


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Serge Ioffe Co-Founder and CTO, RevJet

Our organization has experienced an amazingly supportive relationship with the Opportunities NB team. ONB has been extremely professional and helpful in their engagement with our employees, and their extended circle of support has made our decision to commit to the province of New Brunswick an extremely easy one. Their business focus, assistance to our staff, and attention to detail has already made our employees feel welcome as they complete their move to Saint John.


Pierre Clavet Sectorial Advisor for IT, Technology and Natural Sciences, Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick

The ONB and CyberNB team are always proactive and ready to make things happen. They have a solid approach to economic development, focusing on growing the skill level of New Brunswickers so they can gain access to the fantastic opportunities we have in this province. We’re glad to be involved with them, and do our part in getting people the right skills for the job they want.

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Allison McCain Chairman, McCain Foods

We are delighted to partner with Opportunities NB on this very important initiative (The Industry Innovation Challenge) and are pleased that the research and innovation is being done in New Brunswick and will have far-reaching benefits. We are partnering with a number of other New Brunswick companies to achieve our objectives and our agricultural work will help all farmers.


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Gordie Lavoie President and General Manager, Sunny Corner Enterprises

Over the years, ONB’s assistance has provided our company with resources and expertise, helping us grow from a small, local service provider to now executing construction projects across Canada and shipping manufactured goods worldwide. They have been an important partner in many of the new initiatives we undertake.


Fred McMahon Vice-President, Fraser Institute of International Policy

New Brunswick shot to the top of the rankings as miners lauded the province for its fair, transparent, and efficient legal system and consistency in the enforcement and interpretation of existing environmental regulations. Combine that with a competitive taxation regime and minimal uncertainty around disputed land claims and New Brunswick has emerged as a superstar in the view of the global mining community (Fraser Institute’s Survey of Mining Companies: 2011/2012).

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Leo Sousa President, Cormer Defense

New Brunswick has something that most other provinces don’t have: a very clear strategy of where they want to go and what they want to do with a major focus on Aerospace and Defence. Opportunities NB has and continues to work very hard to make things happen for not only Cormer but the entire Aerospace and Defence Sector, which is one of the reasons why Cormer chose to do business in New Brunswick.

Derek Vanstone Vice-President Corporate Strategy and Government Affairs, Air Canada

We are thrilled to be expanding our customer service call centre in Saint John and are proud of the high levels of service our employees have provided to our customers over the past 15 years. This is great news for our customers as we continue to improve our response times and overall bilingual service levels.