“Maybe we’re April fools, buying a company just as a pandemic begins,” jokes Bruce Bradley, one of the new co-owners of Lower Woodstock’s B.I.D. Canada. That was April 1, 2020, when Bradley and his partners took over as the company’s new ownership team.

Bradley has been with B.I.D. for 25 years and says those early days pivoting into the ownership role provided some challenges. “There was an initial downturn in work due to COVID-19, for sure. But I went from sleepless nights wondering if we’d be able to make payroll to now being up wondering how we’re going to keep up with work.”

Bouncing Back

Bradley credits having a closely-knit leadership team, good support, and strong relationships with existing clients for the company’s relatively quick rebound from the pandemic.

“The company was formed in the 1980s, we’ve been around a long time now. Fortunately, the relationships we’ve formed over the years have delivered, and we’ve come out the other side of COVID in good shape. Major long-standing partners like Babcock & Wilcox in the US have been a true saving grace.”

Despite being new to the ownership position, Bradley and company hit the ground running, despite taking over at the worst possible time. “We are all long-time friends, we grew up together and that definitely helped. We all have a good grasp of the strengths everyone brings to the table.”

Provincial Support Remains Strong  

“We have been very fortunate to have support from ONB as we transitioned ownership,” notes Bradley. “They keep us updated on current programs and information relevant to our business. ONB has become an ongoing support system committed to helping us succeed.”

Even before COVID-19, ONB has supported companies like B.I.D. with any business challenge. In November 2019, for example, Glencore announced that it would close its Belledune smelter. ONB and ACOA held site meetings with over 20 impacted clients identified as part of the smelter’s supply chain, which included B.I.D. These visits led to a lead generation initiative, with B.I.D. and other clients included. “The smelter closure was obviously bad news, and this lead generation initiative launched in its wake has been quite helpful,” says Bradley. “It’s a great complement to the trade shows like PDAC that ONB arranges for us, which have been strictly virtual since last spring.”

What’s next for B.I.D.?

Bradley says with business now rebounding post-COVID, his focus is on finding an installation partner to reach the next level. “Clients often ask if we do turnkey services, and we mostly don’t currently. We would love to find a local partner that can help us with installs. That would help us bid on more large projects.”

B.I.D. designs, manufactures, and installs custom bulk material handling equipment. They provide great solutions for clients in mining, cement, steel, manufacturing, ports, pulp & paper industries, and more. Are you a potential partner for B.I.D. Canada? Know a great company that is? Connect with them at http://www.bidcanadaltd.com/contact/