New Brunswick recognizes the critical role that investment and workforce attraction will have in ensuring the Province continues its strong post-COVID-19 economic recovery. Ensuring businesses have ready access to the people resources they require to grow is critical to their long-term success in the province.

Skilled newcomers to the province enrich every piece of New Brunswick’s economy, from industry to post-secondary institutions to our innovation ecosystem.

Our Companies Benefit

“We’ve all heard the statistics; New Brunswick’s population is aging, and we need more people for our workforce,” notes Lynn Noble, Talent Sourcer with The Co-operators in Moncton. “For us, it’s not just about our co-operative, it’s about our community.”

Noble says her team has hit recent recruitment goals thanks in part to newcomers. “From April 2019 to March 2020 we hired 112 people. Of those hires, 36 were newcomers to New Brunswick.”

One newcomer is Chijioke Egbuogu (CJ). Originally from Port-Harcourt, Nigeria, CJ came to Noble as an employee referral. “Within the first three minutes of our initial phone conversation, I knew he would be a great fit. He had the energy, intelligence, and enthusiasm we love. We knew he would be phenomenal with our clients, and he is. The levels of education people are coming to us with is amazing. Newcomers are bringing so much value to not just our business but the city.”

Our Communities Benefit

“Recruiting more newcomers is not just important for New Brunswick, it’s essential,” notes Doug Robertson, President and CEO Venn Innovation. “Demographics don’t lie, both in terms of population trends and in terms of the talent necessary to grow our economy.”

He says it is critical that we continue to present our province and its communities to global talent in a manner that distinguishes New Brunswick as an attractive destination to live, work, play, and raise a family. “We have made significant progress not just attracting talent, but retaining it,” says Robertson. “As the cost of living and quality of life factors in larger centres continue to cause people to seriously consider destinations like New Brunswick, there is a real opportunity to continue and build on this progress.”

Originally from South Africa, Mischka Jacobs joined Venn Innovation via the Atlantic Immigration (then Pilot) Program.

“In addition to fitting in right away, Mischka has been successful in playing a leadership role in our community, both in helping newcomers and engaging with stakeholders involved in immigration,” notes Robertson. “She has been involved more broadly in the community too and is regularly sought out as a speaker and event Emcee. What Mischka and other newcomers have done is make us richer as individuals, and stronger as a group.”

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