New Brunswick is a hub of opportunity for businesses to thrive and ONB is at the forefront of this economic development journey. ONB plays a crucial role in fostering growth by supporting and empowering businesses already established in the province. With a focus on driving job creation, enhancing productivity, and contributing to the overall prosperity of New Brunswick, our experienced Business Growth team is dedicated to assisting local businesses in accelerating their growth and unlocking their full potential.

The Business Growth team acts as a trusted advisor and partner, working hand in hand with businesses to help them reach their goals. Specializing in assisting B2B companies across multiple sectors, the Business Growth team empowers businesses to enhance productivity, foster competitiveness, expand exports, and achieve remarkable growth on both national and international scales.

Leveraging their extensive network and 360-degree view of the province’s business ecosystem, the Business Growth team excels at connecting businesses with the programs, resources, and support they need to propel their growth. They ask the right questions to identify strengths, pain points, and gaps. With this knowledge, they develop tailored strategies and provide guidance and coaching to overcome challenges and seize growth opportunities. By enhancing competitiveness and efficiency, the Business Growth team helps businesses thrive in today’s dynamic market landscape.

Did you know? In Fiscal 2022-2023, our Business Growth team helped 41 companies register for the New Brunswick Opportunities Network (NBON), signed 64 agreements with New Brunswick companies, and enabled commitments of 352 jobs. These impressive accomplishments underscore our commitment to driving your growth and success.

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Written by Jasmine Le