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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find jobs in New Brunswick?

    There are many websites that list available jobs in New Brunswick.
    We recommend these online resources:

    Building your professional network is also important in getting a career in New Brunswick. ONB Connects is ONB’s new program which helps to build a network with other professionals in New Brunswick.

  • I’m thinking of moving to New Brunswick from another country; what are my first steps?

    Welcome! New Brunswick has many programs and supports available for individuals and families who want to make the province their home. For example:

    • You can start by learning about the process and programs available through the Government of New Brunswick.
    • Representatives from New Brunswick hold many different immigration information and employee recruitment sessions and events around the world. Check the schedule and register for one in your area.
    • Connect with a Settlement Agency to learn more about our communities and arrange an exploratory visit to New Brunswick.
  • I’m a new graduate looking for work in New Brunswick; where should I start?

    Congratulations! New Brunswick has a wide variety of jobs available for new graduates in many industries and regions of the province. To get started, you need:

  • I’ve heard that ONB can help me find a job; where can I send my resume?

    ONB is not a job placement organization. Our mandate is to help grow NB’s economy and one way to do that is through helping businesses create new jobs. Although we can’t find jobs on your behalf, here’s how we can help you in your job search:

    • Top Jobs – a monthly listing of all the key jobs available by region.
    • Tips and tricks to making your resume stand out
    • Once in a while, employers ask for a list of candidates in a region. If you’d like to be added to this list, send your resume to talent@onbcanada.ca and we’ll share it with employers on request.
  • Which industries are hiring skilled professionals in New Brunswick?

    We’re excited to say that there is a big demand for skilled professionals in many industries across the province. If you’re interested in learning which sectors are growing, we’d suggest:

    • Take a minute to read the High Demand Bulletin, a monthly recap about job vacancy trends in the province.
    • Review industry infographics to understand requirements and average salary by industry.
    • Opportunities NB is actively developing new sectors in the province that will position New Brunswick as a national and international leader. There is exciting growth in these sectors across the province.
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“I came back from Calgary to continue my career in New Brunswick, my home province.”
Geoff Clark – Delivery Executive, IBM Client Innovation
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