Your New Brunswick Experts

Client Engagement Specialists are regional authorities who specialize in developing tailored plans and customized solutions. We offer support and counsel before the doors open, and long after, to ensure your New Brunswick-based operations get to work:


With a Client Engagement Specialist at your side, your team will avoid the common pitfalls that cost a new organization time and money. Our experience and knowledge will have you in business before you know it.


New Brunswick’s business community is a network of professionals, institutions, government, and working groups operating together. Let our team connect you with programs, decision makers, and leaders to get you on the right track.


Whether you’re looking to find top-notch local talent, attract international skills, relocate your team, or leverage new graduates to build your business, we know exactly where to start.


Rest easy knowing that you are poised for success and armed with a local specialist. Our Client Engagement Team is only a phone call away.