New Brunswick Self-Employed Lockdown Fund (SELF)

The SELF program application deadline of April 30th has passed, and general applications will no longer be accepted. ONB has extended the application period to June 15 to allow only for newer self-employed individuals or companies who have become eligible only during the 2021 year and need to complete their tax returns. The specific criteria for your business are noted below.

  • Exceeded $30,000 in gross annual business income for the first time in 2021
  • Are an HST registrant
  • Do not employ a full-time equivalent employee
  • Are in good standing with the Province of New Brunswick

If you were previously eligible based on your 2019 or 2020 taxation period, you are not eligible for this extension.

If eligible as per the criteria above, please contact the ONB Navigators by phone at 1 (833) 799-7966 or via email at