Marlborough, Massachusetts-based Quantiphi is an AI-first digital engineering company helping organizations reimagine and realize their digital transformation goals. This innovative tech leader combines strong industry experience, disciplined cloud and data-engineering practices, and cutting-edge application of artificial intelligence capabilities to help clients across verticals transform their businesses.

Quantiphi has an approximately 3500-person team with a presence throughout Canada and the US, as well as London, Amsterdam, Singapore, and multiple locations in India. As of this summer, the company operates a digital health-focused operation in Fredericton, New Brunswick thanks to its May acquisition of Accreon and that company’s well-established Canadian footprint.

Quantiphi Comes to New Brunswick

Bruno Nardone, Global Leader of Quantiphi’s Health Care & Life Sciences (HCLS) vertical says he knew Accreon was the right fit for an acquisition. “When we looked at solutions for healthcare organizations, we realized that a lot of the digitization of information still resulted in siloes,” he notes. “The ability to bring it all together successfully into a curated dataset was critical to exploiting the AI and machine learning capabilities that we differentiate on. I had the pleasure of working with Accreon in multiple settings and was confident that their team and its skill mix were the answer. Accreon had well-established credibility in the healthcare space and knew where they wanted to go – it was a great fit.”

Fredericton-based Greg Phillips, Quantiphi’s HCLS Delivery Head for North America, says exciting things are happening for his team only weeks into the post-acquisition period. “We are already actively involved in some very exciting work with new customers outside the region, and we see more of those opportunities coming,” he says. “There’s great collaboration occurring between formerly Accreon team members and their new Quantiphi colleagues. The acquisition made a ton of sense for our team – this is exactly where we wanted to go. Quantiphi is doing great work in the digital health space at scale and around the globe.”

Support is Here for World-Class Companies

Nardone says the company is encouraged by the support they’ve already received from ONB and its ecosystem partners. “The transition support options that ONB has shared with us are quite attractive. This year alone, we’ve brought about 100 new employees from India to Canada. While most of them are in Toronto, the Accreon acquisition now means New Brunswick is firmly in the mix on that front too. It would be great to grow the team in Fredericton and knowing we’ll have strong support on the talent acquisition side is vital.”

He says ONB has also worked to connect the company with post-secondary institutions in the province like the University of New Brunswick (UNB) in Fredericton. “UNB is developing a centre of excellence for digital health, and healthcare privacy and security. We would be quite interested in any collaboration opportunities there.”

Phillips says support has always been strong for his team at Accreon and expects Quantiphi will benefit from operating in New Brunswick. “The ONB team has been excellent in terms of connecting us with other companies when they see opportunities for collaboration or new clients. It’s been a great partner, and I think that relationship will only continue to thrive now with Quantiphi in the picture.”

Opportunities Abound

Phillips says anyone looking to work with leading-edge artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud technologies should be looking seriously at Quantiphi. “Great career opportunities are available at Quantiphi, this is a multiple award-winning company. We’re a certified Great Place to Work, Google Cloud North America Breakthrough Partner of the Year, AWS Rising Star Partner of the Year, Nvidia’s Service Delivery Partner of the Year, and much more.” The company also recently earned Frost & Sullivan’s North America Competitive Strategy Leadership Award for its work in AI services for the healthcare industry and is rated as a Leader in the worldwide AI IT services by IDC.

Digital health is thriving as the healthcare industry continues with significant investments in digitization. “They’re capturing increasing amounts of data on patients as they move outside care settings with more advanced remote monitoring tools,” notes Nardone. “Think of heart-monitoring devices for patients at home – they used to be large and cumbersome, now it’s a bandage that connects to your phone and transmits vital data to caregivers. Incredible innovations like this are exploding across the industry.”

He says Quantiphi has enjoyed fantastic growth in recent years as all industries become increasingly interested in the many applications of the cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies they work with. “We will definitely look to fill new roles in all verticals, including HCLS, and I think New Brunswickers will see this is an exciting space to be in and an excellent company to grow their career with.”

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