“It is the story of a biodegradable innovation that is changing how we clean.” That’s how Moncton’s Dizolve describes its company and mission. The company manufactures dissolvable laundry strips the size and weight of a small strip of paper. Their patented eco-friendly dissolvable strips are packaged in recyclable cardboard and eliminate the need for plastic bottles.

During a year in which sanitizing and washing became top-of-mind, Dizolve has seen incredible growth in both business and headcount.

“It’s been an incredible 18 months for Dizolve,” notes Marc Aucoin, VP of Strategic Business Development. “We had four employees just over a year and a half ago, and we’ve quickly grown the team to over 60.  We’re still hiring, and all here in Moncton!”

New Partnership Pays Off Immediately

Aucoin credits Dizolve’s strategic partnership with Tru Earth as the key ingredient to its explosive growth year. “Tru Earth has been tremendous. They brought great market intelligence and strategy to the table, and the resources to execute on that strategy.  They have been recognized by Canadian Business Magazine as Canada’s fastest growing environmental company in more than 5 years, and Canada’s 2nd fastest growing start-up overall. They now have 220 employees and growing”. He says Dizolve is now seeing its products exported to 55 countries across several continents. The past year of increased online buying and focus on cleanliness have only been extra-added perks.

A Still Growing Team

The Dizolve Group is now made up a strong technical bench, ranging from research and development to engineering, and all other aspects of a manufacturing company, commensurate for an innovation focused company.

“We’ve grown 13X over the past 18 months. We’ve also made capital investments and plan to continue expanding over the coming months, bringing on more production,” says Aucoin. “And that means our headcount will continue to grow as well. We are absolutely on the lookout for more great people to join us.”

The Future Looks Bright

As the pandemic took hold, Dizolve also developed a new cleaner disinfectant, which has received a drug identification number (DIN) from Health Canada. Aucoin notes the company hopes to continue developing that product line to tackle commercial and industrial markets.

“On the home consumer side of the business, things are looking great with Tru Earth now in place,” says Aucoin. “We are looking forward to working with partners like ONB moving forward, returning to trade shows this fall, and fully exploring our commercial and industrial potential. Every week now it seems like we come across new opportunities for growth. We are proud to be Moncton-born and are committed to staying and growing in New Brunswick. And we’re proud of producing great sustainable products that are much better for the environment. That’s a message that we know resonates with a lot of people.”

Learn more about Dizolve at Dizolve.com and Tru Earth at Tru.Earth.

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