New Brunswick’s Business Immigration Stream is an economic immigration pathway for experienced entrepreneurs who are ready to establish, operate, and actively manage a business while living and settling in New Brunswick permanently.

“The Business Immigration Stream provides a way for our province to continue to grow economically while focusing on diversifying not only our business landscape but our population growth initiatives,” says ONB Manager of Client Engagement & Business Immigration Dan Martin. “We view this entrepreneurial stream through a prism of succession for New Brunswick businesses too. It’s creating pathways for existing businesses to access a global pool of potential succession heirs. Entrepreneurs who enter through this stream will add a wealth of value to the province, not the least of which includes adding vibrancy and diversity to our already thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

We spoke to Dan to learn more.

ONB: Why does this immigration stream now fall under ONB’s portfolio, and what does our team bring to the table?

New Brunswick Martin: By focusing on attracting newcomers with the skills, aptitude, interest, and resources required to successfully own and grow a business in New Brunswick, the province is driving further value from its immigration efforts. New opportunities for New Brunswickers will absolutely arise from these efforts. ONB is well-positioned to take this work on given their existing role in supporting companies of every size both inside and outside the province. ONB knows the province’s strengths, its value propositions, and most promising sectors – cybersecurity, digital health, advanced manufacturing, agritech, etc. We have spent years building the institutional knowledge around these sectors, growing companies at home, and helping international companies recognize our province and invest locally. Now we are bringing that knowledge and expertise to the business immigrant community and potential newcomers.

We also have strong relationships with our counterparts at New Brunswick’s Population Growth Division who bring outstanding expertise in the provincial immigration programs, experience in how to process applications, strong relationships with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and more.

How does your team ensure a successful experience for applicants?

We are moving well beyond simply processing applications. We have built into this program an extremely high-touch customer-focused approach. We are having conversations with potential entrepreneurs to validate both the business case, but also the viability of the operation within New Brunswick. We will evaluate their business plan to ensure it makes sense and that they’re not jumping into a saturated market. Next, we guide them through the immigration process. If they’re having trouble with the application, or even the platform the application lives on, we will help.

We want to ensure that when a newcomer decides to invest in our province and enter an entrepreneurial journey that they have the support they need. We are in it for the long haul. Successful entrepreneurs will have a long-term relationship with our team.

What role do our many partners and stakeholders across the province have in terms of ensuring the success of this program?

Strong regional collaboration is core to the success of this program. New entrepreneurs are not only choosing to invest in New Brunswick but rather they are choosing to invest, settle, and live in specific communities located across the province. Thankfully at ONB we know our regions very well and have built a solid network of regional partners from every corner of the province.

We’re currently reaching out to our regional partners to understand exactly what role everyone plays in attracting and nurturing these entrepreneurs throughout their journey. That’s why it’s essential that we all continue to communicate effectively so that we can take a united approach to this program and its goals. It is critical that we work together and take a customer-centric approach to ensure the client’s ultimate success.

The support doesn’t stop once a business immigrant arrives. Our regional partners are crucial in terms of supporting these new businesses once they are here and operational. Integrating them into the existing entrepreneurial ecosystem is key to the long-term success of this program.

Finally, what can the average New Brunswicker do to help us all ensure this program succeeds?

My hope is that more people recognize that immigration is critical to the long-term success of the province. New Brunswickers can champion these programs, welcome newcomers to our communities, and once they’re here, support their businesses.

New Brunswick is a great place to live and work; let people know. Like every jurisdiction, we have our challenges, but help us put our best foot forward and showcase our province’s great quality of life. Make international entrepreneurs realize they are truly welcome in New Brunswick because they are.

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