The 2022 NB Export Awards take place in person on May 26 beginning at 5:30 PM at the Delta Fredericton. This presents an ideal opportunity to provide an in-person training information session in the afternoon, prior to the main event.

You’re Invited to: Supply Chain Optimization for NB Exporters

  • May 26, 2022 from 2pm – 4pm
  • Delta Fredericton, Victoria Room
  • Free (but registration is required)

The ONB Export and Business Development team strive to connect New Brunswick companies with opportunities to grow their businesses locally and internationally. This information session will provide value to NB companies, potential and existing exporters, on a real and relevant business development topic, supply chain.

Why this is important to NB companies: As New Brunswick companies expand, they naturally move towards growing and diversifying their export markets. Both increased exports and reduced imports support economic growth, therefore the topic of this session will hit home with New Brunswick companies looking to improve and/or penetrate new markets and diversify supply chains. This session will provide NB business leaders with valuable insight on how their companies can optimize their supply chains and explore NB opportunities and partnerships. The session will also address common challenges and explain how selling into a complex supply chain or into government, might differ from selling into a new export market.

Topics & Speakers:

We have pulled together a lineup of subject matter experts to deliver relevant and valuable content with attendees.

  • Welcome from ONB
  • Supply Chain Optimization: Import Replacement + Export Growth – Melanie Clark, Supply Chain Optimization Project Lead, Opportunities NB
  • Supply Chain Resiliency – Shannon Blanchard, CCLP, Director, Supply Chain Innovation Port Saint John
  • Supply Chain Expertise from ONB Clients: A Fireside Chat
  • How selling into supply chains differs from selling to new markets – a LearnSphere perspective – Amy Boudreau, Chief Operating Officer, LearnSphere & Dale Thibodeau, a LearnSphere Associate
  • Wrap up and networking 

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