Saint John-based Four Eyes Financial is a regulatory technology company working with Canadian wealth management firms providing a host of innovative digital solutions.

“We help investors feel more confident they are invested in products that meet their risk tolerance and satisfy their financial goals,” notes CEO and Co-Founder Lori Weir.

Four Eyes Financial’s platform is feature-rich, offering a compliance product (Risk7), an advisor dashboard (Risk4), and Digital Discovery, a digital space for retail investors and advisors to engage.

The company has seen tremendous growth over the past year, doubling its team from nine employees to 19 and signing three new corporate clients. Weir says she expects that growth in both headcount and business to continue throughout 2021.

ONB spoke with her to learn more.

ONB: It’s exciting to see financial technology companies continuing to grow in New Brunswick. How does the company go about recruiting talent?

New Brunswick Four Eyes Financial Weir: Initially, it was strictly through our own networks and word of mouth. As we started to accelerate our growth and had multiple roles to fill at one time, that approach no longer worked. Fortunately, we have created great relationships with ONB and other areas of the public sector and with both the University of New Brunswick and NBCC in Saint John.

On the product engineering side of the business, we have had great success recruiting from those institutions. Where we have struggled is on the service side of the business; non-technical roles such as project managers and sales and marketing professionals.

This is an opportunity to present Four Eyes Financial to ONB’s audience. What should talent in this province know about the company and why it’s a desirable place to work?

Great question! It’s a team of 19, so there is an opportunity for great talent to get in on the ground floor of a growing company in a growing sector. This is a sector that is not going anywhere, and the demand for talent is only going to grow. We have a great talent management plan in place; this a company where people can develop both personally and professionally.

Four Eyes is providing opportunities for people who want to be leaders and who want to accelerate their career trajectory. The people we recruit over the next few years will be leaders within the company – today they are building the foundation for growth. That’s why it’s essential to have an entrepreneurial spirit!

I should note that it’s not imperative to have an extensive background in financial services on the product side or technology on the service side. If you have the drive, passion, attitude, and skills – sales, marketing, project management, etc. – we want to hear from you.

We are not only recruiting New Brunswickers here in Saint John, we expect to recruit people in target markets in the United States this year as well. Expansion into U.S. markets is on the agenda in 2021 and beyond. We are looking to work with seasoned and well-connected wealth industry professionals to support business development in the US. We’re very excited about what the future holds for the company.

Interested in joining the Four Eyes Financial Team? Keep an eye on their careers page or email them at

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