Grow a Business in New Brunswick

ONB helps existing businesses in New Brunswick reach the next level of success. We work with local companies like yours – B2B, current and potential exporters in multi-sectors – to help improve productivity, become more competitive, increase exports and grow on a national and international scale.

  • How We Help
    Our Business Growth team are your trusted business advisors and partners in growth. We offer:
  • Connections
    We have a 360-degree view on the business ecosystem. We will connect you with the programs and resources (internal and external) that will benefit your company, and we will facilitate this process for you.
  • Consulting
    We offer support and coaching to help you grow. We know what questions to ask to find your strengths, pain points and gaps. We find out what legwork needs to be done to overcome those pain points and offer tailored solutions to overcome them.
  • Productivity
    We help guide companies through productivity improvements – striving to increase competitiveness with the adoption of advanced manufacturing and digital transformation.
  • Procurement
    We help NB suppliers maximize their success in obtaining GNB contracts and do more business within our province.
  • Export
    We provide advanced export expertise to develop your export potential and find new markets by connecting you with high-profile partners, matchmakers, in-market experts, and various other export-focused activities.
  • Growth Mindset
    We love working with companies who have a desire to grow, who are open to new ways of doing business and have a willingness to collaborate with us.
Did you know?

In Fiscal 2020-2021, our Business Growth Team supported over 1,737 unique clients, guiding business planning efforts, helping to navigate the New Brunswick ecosystem, connecting companies with the appropriate support via referrals, and providing access to advanced export expertise.

Great Things are Happening in New Brunswick

We helped these world-class businesses accelerate their growth and energize the private sector, right here in New Brunswick.

“ONB has been great at being a connector for us, helping us with travel activity including trade missions. They’ve done a great job connecting us to all the right people both inside and outside New Brunswick, and even outside of Canada.”
Dr. Stephen Graham, CEO, Breathe BioMedical
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