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ONB is your single point of contact for business expansion or relocation, connecting you to unmatched opportunities and incentives that accelerate your business growth.

  • How We Help
    Our concierge-style services help you maximize the incentives, tap into valuable resources, and fast-track your plans. We offer:
  • Incentives
    Robust incentive packages to maximize the financial benefits of expanding or relocating to New Brunswick.
  • Talent
    Customized training consultation and recruiting assistance to help you access the talent you need.
  • Development
    Business development services to find realtors, developers, contractors, shippers, and utilities for your business.
  • Training
    Customized training programs within our community college network to develop your skilled workforce.
  • Partnerships
    Partnerships with academia, provincial and municipal leaders, essential organizations and decision makers.
  • Innovation
    Access to world-class cybersecurity innovation, research, and industry collaboration through CyberNB.
ONB Success Stories

We helped these business leaders accelerate growth in New Brunswick.

"ONB was fantastic. They clearly demonstrated the region's ability to offer top-tier talent for our nearshore marketing analytics hub."
Alex Langshur, Co-CEO, Cardinal Path
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