New Brunswick was named the lowest business cost location in Canada and the U.S. in KPMG’s 2016 Competitive Alternatives study on featured cities. On average, New Brunswick cities have a 18 percent operating cost advantage over the G7 average. That and more make up our Top Ten Benefits of New Brunswick. It’s the right place for investment.

But don’t take it from us.

In time for New Brunswick Day, Opportunities NB (ONB) thought it would be fun to collect a few quotes from c-suite executives featured in some of our past interviews.

Below are 15 thoughts from business leaders in response to the question “Why New Brunswick?”

New Brunswick advantagesPeter Aceto, CEO, Tangerine

“We have a large French-speaking customer base, and it’s still growing. We needed a place where we could have a great French and English experience for our customers, and all of our research pointed us towards New Brunswick.

It was much more than the bilingual workforce, however. We talked about what’s important to us as a brand and to me personally; New Brunswick fit with our philosophy. We needed a location where we could find good employees we could retain for a long period of time, and that relished the idea of helping people. That’s what we were looking for and that’s what we found in New Brunswick.”

New Brunswick site selectionJill Green, CEO, Green Imaging Technologies 

“If developing an organization that values work-life balance is important, this is the place to be. This is an area where you easily navigate your way through that balance. You’ll have a team that has a healthy work environment and a healthy home environment, and will be able to balance both sides of that equation to be the best they can be.”

Choose New BrunswickDino Trevisani, President, IBM Canada

“Globally, IBM considers its Fredericton location as a key innovation hub for cybersecurity and IT services. We have a rich history of driving security innovation in New Brunswick, through the birth of Q1 Labs in 2011 with the University of New Brunswick, and collaborating with McCain Foods. We’ve worked and will continue to work vigorously with Opportunities NB, the University of New Brunswick, and McCain Foods to catapult the Province’s reputation for cultivating a knowledge-worker economy.”

New Brunswick C-SuiteRoxanne Fairweather, CEO, Innovatia

“For years I lived and worked across Canada and traveled extensively selling abroad. When I moved back to New Brunswick, I was reminded quickly just how gifted we are.

We punch well above our weight with our post-secondary institutions and have a wonderful and evolving community college framework, not to mention a huge research center at the University of New Brunswick that supports our entire business ecosystem. We are blessed with multiple world-class universities and a dynamic community college system. Innovation is important but having access to work-ready talent is essential – and we have it.”

New BrunswickKeith McIntosh, President & Co-CEO, PQA Testing

“If you’re looking to do business with the East Coast of the U.S. we’re in the absolute best place to do it. Speaking as someone with an office in Vancouver, it’s much easier to work with this continent from New Brunswick than it is from British Columbia. Access to government and other business leaders is a big plus here obviously, but the time zone factor is an underrated asset. We’re in exactly the right place to do business with New York, Washington, Boston, etc., and well positioned to work internationally with Europe. Geographically, you couldn’t be in a better place in North America if you’re looking to do business overseas.”

Robert Quirion - DealerMine Inc.Robert Quirion, CEO, DealerMine Inc.

“The bilingual aspect of New Brunswick is very important; we can’t get into Quebec’s market without it. We’ve been able to hire very good bilingual people; programmers, trainers, tech support, sales, etc. Because of that we could build a bilingual product and were able to create bilingual documentation, and better sell to Quebec.”

“The Atlantic Time Zone is crucial to us because we’re awake before most of Canada, which from a support perspective is awesome. Say we have to do a server shutdown or system maintenance; we’ve got time in the early morning to get that stuff done. That wouldn’t be as easy if we were out west in Alberta or BC where we’d have to get up quite early. We can come in at a reasonable hour and get that behind-the-scenes stuff finished before most of Canada and the US are ready for work.”

Jean CorriveauJean Corriveau, Director of Operations, BMM Testlabs

“New Brunswick is a hub for engineering talent. It is committed to new technology industries. It has a strong background in gaming and lottery. It has provincial leadership that is committed to the growth and future of New Brunswick. BMM is the perfect company to collaborate and partner with New Brunswick to realize our shared goals. Based on my experience with our initial key projects here in the province, I believe that the quality of the work and the opportunity for growth here are both tremendous.”

Kevin KilbrideKevin Kilbride, President, Therma-Ray

“For manufacturing you need lots of space and land, and land prices in New Brunswick have been good. The tax situation is good, labour rates are good, and transportation has worked out well for us. Having access to Atlantic Canadian ports is a bonus, plus we have good access directly into the U.S. via truck. Having UPS’s custom brokerage services located right in Fredericton means easy and timely customs clearing of supplies that we need.”

Don Forgeron IBCDon Forgeron, President and CEO, Insurance Bureau of Canada

“New Brunswick has the business advantage of having low business costs and being a hotspot for sustainable growth industries. Our industry recognizes New Brunswick as a great place to do business – there are 118 P&C insurance companies providing home, car and business insurance in the province, employing thousands of people and paying millions of dollars in taxes.”

Trish KileyTrish Kiley, CEO, Advanced Publishing

“As a tech company we haven’t faced much difficulty in attracting and retaining skilled people that want to stay in New Brunswick for work. Because of the type of business we are we don’t need to do face-to-face meetings; the majority of our sales are done online or over the phone. So being headquartered in a location that is comparatively inexpensive to do business in has been a huge benefit; it’s easy to operate from New Brunswick.”

Cornel CeapaDr. Cornel Ceapa, President, Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar

“We decided quite consciously to come to New Brunswick. As an immigrant and someone who’s lived in many places, I think New Brunswick is an incredible place to live and work. For someone who loves the outdoors this province is spectacular. The Saint John River and Bay of Fundy are stunning and our scenery is beautiful.

In terms of doing business, land is less expensive here than in many locations out west and that’s been a huge plus for us. For my work specifically this province provides access to the best sturgeon in the world; I can’t imagine being anywhere else now.”

Roy SunstrumRoy Sunstrum, Vice President – Customer Support, Shopify

“One of the biggest advantages is that there’s already an established customer support culture in New Brunswick. Most companies need a support team, so that shouldn’t be downplayed. We were able to hire a great amount of talented, experienced people with exceptional customer support skills. For us, there’s been no problem finding terrific, qualified people in New Brunswick’s workforce.”

Paul FarrahPaul Farrah, CEO, Partner Seafood/Xtreme Cold Storage

“We have good access to public sector support in New Brunswick. The support we’ve received from the Fisheries Department and ONB has been great. That’s not simply financial help either; it’s things like competitive intelligence, trade shows and trade missions, and more. It is easier to get support in a timely fashion here, which is essential for small and medium-sized businesses. I feel like that is simpler here than in larger centres like Quebec or Ontario. The demand on public sector resources in those places I think is much greater.”

Award WinningPat Whalen, President & CEO, LuminUltra

“Whereas we have an existing strong export-driven economy, much of the mature economy is based on older industries that rely on natural resources. Therefore, people have to look to innovation in order to sustain economic growth and maintain the evolution of our quality of life. This wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have a strong education system and a curious, creative culture that produces people capable of that innovation, and we have that in spades. This is why we seem to see a new startup in sectors like information technology and biosciences popping up every week around here.”

Mike Timani - Fancy Pokket CorporationMike Timani, CEO, Fancy Pokket Corporation

“I think we should be proud of the culture here, that’s our biggest advantage. The people of New Brunswick are so genuine and helpful. We continue to be a very welcoming and accommodating region. As an immigrant myself I have to say I was warmly welcomed in New Brunswick, and am happy to call it home. Operating in this type of welcoming environment has been a huge benefit to Fancy Pokket.”