Opportunities NB (ONB) is accepting applications to the Grow Export 2021 export training program which is supported by the Atlantic Trade and Investment Growth Strategy, a partnership with Opportunities NB, the three other Atlantic Provinces and the Federal Government.

The objective of this robust program is to build the export capacity of small businesses in Atlantic Canada with the goal of facilitating long-term economic growth in the region. The program offers a series of online training courses, 1:1 coaching and mentoring, and an educational mission to a select USA city. Please review the program FAQ and Guidelines for more information about the benefits of participation.

Program Features

Successful candidates in the Grow Export 2020 Program will receive:

  • Support to develop an Export Month Action Plan (Export MAP) to guide export planning
  • Training on critical exporting topics over the period June 2021- January 2022:
    • Customer Discovery – Identify potential early adopters and learn how to use qualitative market research methods to validate problem-market fit.
    • Social Media Marketing – Understanding Digital Marketing as an export tool
    • Export Budgeting /Cash Flow Projections – Core components, considerations, and resources to help you prepare and manage your export market-entry strategy.
    • Pricing Strategies for Export – Building your export pricing model that is flexible and supports decision making.
    • Sales – Scalable sales processes, systems, and tools designed for small business, building blocks that build a solid sales organization
    • E-commerce – Understanding the basics and the tools and platforms to make e-commerce easier
  • Coaching opportunities on how to solve export challenges and enter foreign markets
  • Educational Trade Mission to the USA in the Winter 2022 featuring:
    • Pre-trade mission training on how to prepare for the mission, elements required for planning, what to expect in the market, and following up on international sales opportunities.
    • Select meetings in the target city with Canadian government representatives, business organizations, potential business partners, incubation and business accelerators, educational partners, advanced manufacturing centres, and others.
    • Education sessions in the target city on a range of issues related to doing business in the U.S., including Canadian Consular services, intellectual property protection, setting up U.S. entities, and sales strategies for the target market.
    • Post-mission support to assist with following up on business meetings held.


Participation fees are for the training and the trade mission components of Grow Export 2020.

The training component fee is $250 and covers the cost of export training, support services and coaching. Travel to attend the in-person educational sessions in NB and any required meetings are the responsibility of the participant.

The Educational Trade Mission fee is $250. Participants are responsible for all costs associated with travel, meals, and accommodations; however, the Grow Export 2020 Program will reimburse 75% of the costs of air travel and accommodations for one participant per company once a travel claim is submitted with all eligible receipts.



Application Process and Deadline

Grow Export 2020 will accept eight (8) qualified SMEs from New Brunswick.

Applications for Grow Export 2020 will be accepted any time between April 20 and May 3, 2021.

To apply for Grow Export 2021, please complete the required Application Form and submit to:

ONB Project Manager: Ms. Natujwa Maliondo

Email: Natu.maliondo@onbcanada.ca

Phone: (506) 470-9253