ONB is pleased to present the second cohort of the ONB ICT Ecosystem Academy and ONB Advanced ICT Ecosystem Academy. The first cohort took place from February to April 2022 and was extremely successful. Read more about the value it brought to NB ICT companies in our recent blog.

The ONB ICT Ecosystem Academy

The ICT Ecosystem Academy is an environment where tech entrepreneurs and leaders from New Brunswick learn the skills needed to operate in the global tech ecosystem. We are recruiting a small group of New Brunswick ICT companies who are looking to grow their partner relationships and scale up. The Academy is a platform from which participants can accelerate their business prospects, with education and hands-on mentorship from highly experienced partner professionals from across the tech industry globally. The program will focus on developing ecosystem strategy skills and applying those skills in real-world relationship building throughout the world.

The ONB Advanced ICT Ecosystem Academy

Additionally, the Advanced ICT EcoSystem Academy aims to create an environment where New Brunswick ICT companies with well-established partner programs, can level up their skills in order to discover opportunities and areas for improvement within their existing partner relationships. The Advanced Academy will focus on helping participants really accelerate their already-existing business prospects, with 1:1 education and hands-on mentorship from highly experienced partner professionals. The program aims to help participating companies discover how to: further leverage existing partner relationships; seek additional areas for technology integration, and develop sources of alternative revenue.

A Strong Partnership with PartnerReady

ONB has united with PartnerReady to bring this program to life. PartnerReady is an organization that focuses on the deployment of seasoned experts into client companies to help accelerate growth through indirect revenue channels; become a valued part of the target client’s value chain ecosystem; and to develop high functioning partner ecosystems. PartnerReady helps clients succeed by bringing proven methods and experienced Partner Professionals into the organization as a temporary extension of the leadership team. Their experts guide the client’s team through a proven process to achieve growth and partnership success.

Who should apply?

Growth-minded individuals in the New Brunswick ICT ecosystem including (but not limited to) founders, CEOs, and key leaders from tech companies.

Why be part of this program?

The technology industry is an interconnected web of tech companies, service providers, influencers, consultants – all vying for the end customers’ attention. To survive and thrive, tech leaders need specialized knowledge on where their companies fit in the customer’s ecosystem and how to navigate in the tech ecosystem-at-large. Companies that master the skills become future winners in the tech market. The ONB ICT Ecosystem Academy has been developed to create those future winners.

The goal is to give each participant 1) a world-class strategic education taught by the practitioners who have “been there, and done that”, and 2) provide individualized attention to develop and activate actual “real world” activities.

The program also aims to help NB companies:

  • Build alternative revenue streams and drive revenues
  • Integrate with other tech platforms
  • Bring your technology to new markets or industries
  • Increase your distribution, reach and market influence
  • Learn the principles of ecosystem strategy

About the Academy – The Process:

A 12-week curriculum + 12-week mentorship program

October 17, 2022 – January 16, 2023

  • The 12-week group training curriculum designed to teach the foundation principles of ecosystems and partnerships. Training classes will be managed virtually via Zoom and will take place over weekly hour-long sessions.
  • The 12 week 1:1 mentorship for each participant, will be led by experienced partner professionals and will take place in individual weekly hour-long sessions.
  • The end milestones include the development of an ecosystem/partnership target list and personal networking and introductions by the PartnerReady mentors, as appropriate.
  • Each participant will be required to participate in a long-term ROI case study program.
  • The participation fee is $1000 payable in advance by cheque made out to NB Minister of Finance. Mail payment to the attention of:
    • Erin Clendenning
    • Opportunities NB
    • Place 2000, 250 King Street, 4th floor
    • Fredericton, NB E3B 9M9

How to Apply:

To apply, please complete the below application form and return it to Erin Clendenning via email at erin.clendenning@onbcanada.ca.

Application deadline is September 30th at end of the day. Space is limited for each cohort.

PDF Application Form

Please reach out to Erin Clendenning for more information and to discuss if this program is right for your company.