Founded in 2016, NeenOpal is a global management consulting firm with a specialized focus on data science and analytics. Founder and Director Pavel Gupta says his team has grown to 80+ employees operating from offices in Bangalore, India; Newark, New Jersey; and its newest operation in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

“The North American market is a vital one for us, and we wanted to be closer to our customers,” says Gupta. “We wanted a second office in North America and New Brunswick turned out to be a fantastic location for us.”

The journey to New Brunswick

NASSCOM is an India-based trade association representing over 3,000 ICT and business-process-outsourcing companies based in India and multinationals with a presence in India. Gupta was among the 40 delegates representing 30+ companies that visited New Brunswick as part of a November 2021 NASSCOM trip to Canada. “We were only in Fredericton a day, but the warmth of the people really made an impact”. The help that people here are willing to extend to newcomers is quite commendable, it’s what made New Brunswick stand out.”

He then quickly applied for the Startup Visa Program via Ignite Fredericton and had his work permit shipped to him in the summer of 2022. By November 2022, he and his family were in New Brunswick.

A great location

“New Brunswick turned out to be an ideal location for several reasons. Friendlier people being the most obvious,” says Gupta. He also notes that the New Brunswick location makes it easy to service customers on both coasts and that business costs in Fredericton are affordable for a young company still bootstrapping.

He says the business ecosystem in Fredericton has helped the company hit the ground running. “Everyone had a role to play. It can be daunting to move to a new part of the world. You don’t know anyone, so it’s important to have strong support, and that’s where groups like ONB, Ignite/Planet Hatch, and the Fredericton Chamber were so helpful. The guidance these groups have provided us has made all the difference.

He thinks Indian entrepreneurs interested in Canada should come with an open mind and be willing to accept help. “It will take time to get used to a different way of life, but the people here genuinely want to help. You may not have everything you need on day one, but if you’re willing to work with the many great partners here to guide you, like ONB, Ignite, etc., this region can be a great fit. The cost of doing business is favourable, the talent pool in ICT is strong, and the location is good for servicing the North American market.”

About NeenOpal

NeenOpal is a go-to strategic partner for businesses ranging from budding startups to larger vertically integrated organizations. Gupta says he expects to create a mix of technical and non-technical roles in New Brunswick. A recent project is a platform that he says is “Figma on steroids for dashboard wireframing.”

“We will need people for both and NeenOpal. We are looking to fill product management, project delivery, consulting, and other technical roles. I see us moving forward with both New Brunswick hires and people from India making the move here. Getting Mokkup to market will be a focus for us and I expect to ramp up hiring throughout 2023.”

Keep an eye on NeenOpal’s careers page for future opportunities.

ONB is welcoming a new cohort of 30+ NASSCOM visitors this week. We look forward to creating future opportunities for Indian companies to make the move to New Brunswick! Want to learn more about doing business in New Brunswick? Learn more about the New Brunswick Advantage and how to contact our team here.

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