Are you an Indian business interested in expanding?

New Brunswick is the perfect Canadian location to scale your business.



Expand Globally with Canada’s Free Trade Agreements

With access to 51 international markets, 1.5+ billion consumers worldwide through 15 free trade agreements Canada is an ideal destination for companies looking to expand their global footprint.

Let Us Connect India and New Brunswick

New Brunswick is the only Atlantic Canadian Province with a physical presence in India. ONB has two offices, one located in New Delhi and the other in Bangalore. Our in-market presence allows Indian companies to get connected with New Brunswick opportunities quickly and efficiently.


Access to Qualified Talent Pool 

New Brunswick stands out as one of the fastest growing tech talent markets in North American. We have the highest growth in the Gen Z population (15-24) in Canada and our Millennial population (25-39) is growing faster than the Canadian average, so you can be sure talent will exist here well into the future.

We have a sustainable pool of existing and emerging talent and on top of our access to talent, our Client Engagement Team at Opportunities NB will work with you to attract the right people for your specific needs.

Our combination of Talent + ONB HR resources + a 9-year employee retention rate = Ease of doing business.

An Optimal Nearshore Advantage

If your business is looking to expand is geographical reach look no further then New Brunswick. Our nearshore advantage allows us to service North American, South American, and European markets all within the same business day.

Time Difference

8:00 a.m. in San Francisco; Vancouver

10:00 a.m. in Mexico City; Chicago

11:00 a.m. in New York; Toronto

12:00 noon in New Brunswick

4:00 p.m. in London; Dublin; Lisbon

5:00 p.m. in Baar; Frankfurt


Key Facts

  • New Brunswick’s capital city – Fredericton ranks 7th among 160 across Canada for the relative size of its IT industry (by employment) and 5th for the size of its IT workforce.
  • New Brunswick has Canadas fasting growing city, Moncton, which has one of the strongest business environments in Canada.
  • 93,3% tech talent growth (over the last 5 years).
  • 64 post-secondary institutions in the region, that provide a reliable pipeline of educated talent.
  • Fast-paced business environment – Our size isn’t a drawback, it’s part of our value proposition. Things move quicker here and connecting with decision makers and stakeholders is easier than in larger urban regions.
  • Globally connected – New Brunswick offers a multi-modal logistics hub with proximity to major markets. We have more gateways to the world than any Canadian location and 55+M consumers within 1,000 km.
  • Export oriented – $11.5 billion worth of goods is exported from New Brunswick to the U.S. annually, making it one of Canada’s major gateways to our southern neighbor.
  • New Brunswick can save you money – a 24% overall cost savings compared to Toronto and 20% compared to Vancouver. Our mid-sized cities are ranked #1 as most cost-competitive locations on North America (Source: KPMG City Competitiveness Index).

A Wonderful Quality of Life

New Brunswick consistently ranks amongst the highest in Canada for life satisfaction and has obtained a higher rank than Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, and Australia to name a few.  Source: Life Satisfaction, The Conference Board of Canada; Statistics Canada; OECD.

You can enjoy clean air and green spaces with proximity to oceans and natural landscapes. With one of the lowest commute times in Canada you and your employees can be 10 minutes from work and 10 minutes from hiking, biking, and the Atlantic Ocean.

We offer affordable living with the average housing cost in New Brunswick at $266,800 compared to $940,885 in British Columbia, and $865,279 in Ontario.

Your family, your employees, and your employee’s family can become homeowners. New Brunswick ranks 2nd for homeownership, with 73% of NB households owning their home.

Our India Success Stories

“The North American market is a vital one for us, and we wanted to be closer to our customers. We wanted a second office in North America and New Brunswick turned out to be a fantastic location for us.”
Pavel Gupta, Founder and Director, NeenOpal
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