Fredericton, New Brunswick’s Naveco Power is committed to developing clean energy projects which will benefit both the economy and the environment while keeping investments local. It’s also an inclusive company with a diverse workforce thanks to international hires, including students like Oriana Cordido.

“Naveco Power is amazing; not only have they given me a great opportunity, they’ve helped me attain my permanent residency,” says Cordido.  “They’ve hired several other international students through Future NB, which I think is a great initiative. New Brunswick companies have definitely leaned into international talent, as they should.”

Finding and Falling for New Brunswick

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Oriana left home after high school graduation, sensing better opportunities in a new country. Canada, however, wasn’t her original first choice. “I initially bought into a view of Canada as a bit of a boring country, which I now find very wrong. After investigating my options, it really stood out as a culture I might love. St. Thomas University (STU) offered me a great scholarship opportunity, and I made my way to Fredericton.”

While intrigued by the United States, she was taken aback at the expense of education there. “Four years at STU, with my scholarship, cost about the same as one year at any of the US schools I looked at. More people need to realize this. Much better opportunities exist here and it’s also an incredible education – it’s not a step down.”

She immediately fell in love with New Brunswick and was determined to become a permanent resident early on. “I absolutely love the pace of life here; I can get 10 errands done in a day, instead of one or two because of traffic in a large centre. It’s such a beautiful, affordable, walkable city; I live downtown and can walk virtually everywhere I need to be.”

A Warm Welcome

Oriana says that Canadians live up to the stereotype of being friendly and has found the community welcoming to new arrivals. “Every time I mention permanent residency to someone I’m met with a ‘welcome to Canada!’ – people are so great here.”

That welcoming attitude extends into the job market. Naveco brought Oriana on board as a summer intern and, after recognizing her work ethic, offered her part-time employment through her final two years of school. “After graduation, they offered me full-time, and here I am. I love this job, it’s interesting work and keeps me involved in the community and meeting new people, which is perfect for someone like me who came from afar.”

The Resources Are Here

Oriana’s arrival in New Brunswick went smoothly, which she credits to several organizations including the university. STU’s International Student Services office, Student Engagement and Retention Coordinators, and Admissions people all prepared her well for settling in Canada.

New Brunswick’s commitment to population growth through immigration is strengthened by its entrepreneurial ecosystem. Oriana credits groups like Planet Hatch and the Pond-Deshpande Centre (PDC) – whose Student Ambassador Program she joined – for exposing her to entrepreneurship opportunities here, something with little focus back home.

Job fairs provided further opportunities to network. Oriana attended several of these events organized and sponsored by Opportunities NB, PETL, and Ignite Fredericton. It was through one of these fairs that she first met Naveco Power Founder Amit Virmani and began the road to permanent residency.

A Permanent Resident

Oriana notes the permanent residency process was straightforward via the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project (then administered by PETL). “I found it to be fairly simple, I did it all myself with no help from immigration consultants or lawyers or anyone else. I handled it all online. Again, Naveco Power was key. If you have an employer already, the process is that much quicker. They are the reason I’m now a resident, and now that I’m here I can’t recommend New Brunswick enough.”

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