Launched in 1982, Fredericton’s Corey Nutrition has become one of the world’s top pet food companies. With its products manufactured here in New Brunswick using many locally-sourced ingredients, Corey is a true provincial success story.

As the company told us in February, part of their success is a focus on recruiting top international talent — talent like Jay Yang.

Yang joined Corey as an Export Strategist in 2018, tasked with establishing relationships with export partners in the Asia-Pacific region, including his native China. Now, Yang serves as Export Manager leading the development of overseas business opportunities for the company.

“We are now exporting to over 20 countries and our international business continues to grow rapidly,” says Yang.  “I really appreciate being able to work with a great company and great local colleagues as well with partners across the globe in this role.”

We asked him to tell us about his experience as an international student now thriving in New Brunswick.

ONB: First, tell us about how you came to study and work in New Brunswick?

Yang: I was first told about New Brunswick by a teacher in Shanghai, he was from Montreal but had spent time in Oromocto. He encouraged me to apply to UNB’s business program, so I researched it and it looked like a great place to study and live.

I have now been in Fredericton for about nine years. I first boarded here with a retired teacher friend and through him, I made several friends here who made me feel welcomed and at home here. Studying at UNB was a phenomenal experience, they offer an excellent business degree program for international students like me. I enjoyed my time here so much I stayed to complete my MBA. That MBA program is outstanding, and the classes were filled with international students from across the globe. I made new friends from India, Nigeria, and elsewhere. Studying in that multicultural environment prepared me well for the export role I now have with Corey Nutrition.

From an international arrival’s perspective, what do you see as benefits of living and working in New Brunswick?

This is a beautiful, charming, and relaxing place that still allows for fast-paced work life and a great career. I’ve travelled a lot over the past few years and it’s still always nice to get back home to Fredericton and its relaxed atmosphere.

I really enjoy the nature side of New Brunswick. We have great parks and I’m still discovering new trails and waterfalls here. One of my favourite experiences in Canada is climbing Mount Carleton in autumn when the leaves are turning colour, it’s amazing. It’s a beautiful place with a lifestyle I find very appealing.

How was the process of coming to Canada/New Brunswick and what are your long-term plans here?

I found it straightforward and managed to handle the student visa application process myself, it was easy from there. After graduation, you apply for a work permit and after you’ve worked here for some time you apply for permanent residency, which I now have.

Now that I’m established here, my long-term plan involves continuing to work in the export development world. I have an incredible role now looking after export business to China, Russia, Taiwan, Korea, New Zealand, and other international markets. It’s a career path I plan to continue forward with.

Learn more about Corey Nutrition’s export success, including Jay’s work with Dogness International Corporation, in our previous feature.

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