Opportunities NB (ONB) offers many opportunities for students to gain professional experience, training, and mentorship. Our student offerings include internships and co-op placements, a summer program, and a one-year post-graduate training program.

Students bring new ideas, fresh perspectives, and exciting energy to ONB. Our goal is to connect them to opportunities across the province and help them prepare for an incredible career here.

Those students may even end up joining our own team full-time. That was the case with Pruthvi Brahmbhatt (PB), an international student turned ONB Market Intelligence Specialist.

In our continuing look at the value international talent brings to the province, we talked to PB about coming to Canada and ultimately, ONB.

ONB: What attracted you to Canada?

PB: I was running a successful branding agency in Mumbai while working full time at a public relations agency before coming to Canada. The varied experiences I was exposed to, professionally, over those four years after my bachelor’s, were humbling. I realized that I have a desire to innovate and create but the local pop culture back home was slow to change.

Canada was the clear choice considering its healthy economic growth, the startup and innovation culture, and most importantly the supportive community that Canada offers.

From an international arrival’s perspective, what do you see as benefits of living and working in New Brunswick?

I feel New Brunswick is where the future is. Being born and raised in Mumbai, a megacity with 24 million people, I have witnessed the negatives of life in a massive city.  I found these again in Toronto and Montreal during my time there.

New Brunswick, meanwhile, has boundless space, clean air, a low crime rate, and so much more.

Whether one intends to grow professionally or settle with family or both, New Brunswick makes it easy with its many advantages. New family buying a home? Affordable. Student? Employers are excited to have you. Entrepreneur? The Northeastern US market is one border away. PCMag didn’t have a New Brunswick city as the #1 City in Canada to work from home from for nothing.

What can you tell us about the process of coming to Canada/New Brunswick?

I arrived as a student hoping to further my understanding of business, specifically the Canadian business ecosystem. I had an interest in the role that rural Canada could play in developing the country into an economic giant. I completed my post-bachelor’s studies at Cape Breton University. Between arriving in Canada and choosing New Brunswick as my home, I spent time in Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec. I heard great things about New Brunswick and started my research, ultimately deciding to make this the place I settle.

I began looking at accommodations, communities, and jobs. New Brunswick did not disappoint, in fact, it surpassed my expectations.

Tell us about your experience at ONB thus far. Your role, the culture, etc.

My role is Market Intelligence Specialist on the policy, research, and strategy team. I am glad the robust working environment at ONB has enabled me to stay on top of things especially in midst of COVID-19 when our support is essential in helping our companies and people pull through and do well.

Honestly, ONB has been magical. It takes care of its employees and explores ways to make sure everyone is treated with respect, and consideration.

What’s even better, is that in one’s every act, you see aspiration. The aspiration to make the province better, bring in the best talent, products, services, and companies for the benefit of everyone in New Brunswick. In coming to work in person every day, I feel like a part of this community because I am now. And ONB has fostered the environment that made it so. I feel privileged to be in this part of the world and get the opportunity to make a difference and have an impact.

If you are or know of students interested in applying to join the ONB team, contact us about upcoming student opportunities.

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