Via UNB:

University of New Brunswick (UNB) researchers studying New Brunswick’s manufacturing sector say manufacturing is still the engine of New Brunswick’s economy and could be the answer to economic challenges posed by declining demographics.

Dr. Herb Emery, the UNB Vaughan Chair in Regional Economics, launched a multi-year research project to study New Brunswick’s manufacturing sector in early 2019 and will present the team’s findings in a public forum on September 25-26 at the Fredericton Convention Centre.

“Manufacturing represents a very large share of New Brunswick’s GDP relative to other provinces but it’s not something we hear about every day,” says Dr. Emery. “There seems to this pervasive belief that the sector is old, tired, and even on its way out. But that’s not what the evidence says and that’s not what other jurisdictions say that are fighting to get those same manufacturers to relocate to their regions.”

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ONB CEO Stephen Lund will take part in a panel discussion at the forum on September 26. There is still time to register for the Roundtable here.