Sadly, we must say goodbye to our summer co-op students. Timed with the wrap-up of their ONB tenure, this week’s content comes from our students.

I have always been a proud New Brunswicker, and when I set off to complete my Master’s at Halifax’s Dalhousie University, that sense of pride in where I came from followed me to Nova Scotia.

Throughout the first year of my program, I was quick to promote all aspects of life in New Brunswick to my mostly Ontario and British Columbia-born classmates. I did this so often in fact that among my peers my love of New Brunswick became one of my most identifying features. When it came time to find a summer co-op position it was no secret to which part of the country I wished to be in — New Brunswick was calling.

All Roads Lead to ONB

This love of home led to my becoming an admirer of Opportunities NB (ONB), mostly via their active social media presence. When the opportunity presented itself to work at an organization that was just as proud of New Brunswick as I was, I jumped on it.

As an Urban Planning student, diving into a business-oriented environment was daunting; I had no experience in the business world nor any idea of what to expect once I got there. Once I began, however, my hesitation quickly turned into excitement as I began leading strategic initiatives, working with policy and planning projects, conducting research, and creating promotional material detailing why any great company should choose New Brunswick. My excitement this summer has not only come from the work itself but on the impact that it will make on the lives of New Brunswickers.

If a student studying abroad or a family that moved away could come back home because of the work that I contributed to, I would be greatly satisfied.

Validation of My Fascination  

Working as an ONB Summer Student absolutely validated what I have felt all along — great things are happening in New Brunswick. I came to this realization via multiple experiences this summer, including:

  • Meetings with important provincial stakeholders, most notably a fascinating visit to the Research and Productivity Council (RPC). That organization is not only doing leading work in the cannabis sector. They are among the only labs in North America engaged in wildlife forensics.
  • A visit to CyberNB, where I saw firsthand that New Brunswick is home to the only space in the world where three different companies share one office to stop the same cyberattack.

When I return to Dalhousie this fall, I will continue to promote my home province just as I always have. Thanks to the people I have met and projects I have touched this summer, however, I now have even more reason to suggest that everyone should love the Picture Province as much as I do.

Written by Liam King

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