Lateetud is an award-winning process automation company headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia. Working with medium and large-sized companies across the globe, Lateetud helps businesses stay competitive using robotic process automation (RPA), business process management, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

The company is among the latest technology firms to establish a nearshore location in New Brunswick, with a Fredericton office opening soon.

CEO and Founder Pawan Jadhav tells us more.

ONB: You’re headquartered on the U.S. East Coast already. What set New Brunswick apart from other jurisdictions as you considered a nearshore location?

Lateetud New Brunswick nearshorePawan Jadhav: Top talent and the support we’ve received.

We want to do business with Canadian firms, so having a nearshore presence in Canada was essential. Talent that understands the Canadian market will be vital. We also wanted a new centre that could support existing U.S. clients while adding to our product development activities. New Brunswick proved to be the best nearshore option.

After connecting with Opportunities NB (ONB), I was able to visit the province’s universities and colleges and realized that all the talent we would need, for multiple roles, was here. I also felt that a smaller market with a focused approach would be our best bet.

What roles are you creating in the Fredericton location?

We will be recruiting for three types of roles:

  • Product Development; creating new IT products and services.
  • Consultants; the people who will interact with our clients and help them implement our solutions.
  • Customer support; this is technical support as well as non-technical.

Speaking of support, you mentioned the support you’ve received as a factor in choosing New Brunswick. Can you expand on that?

What a pleasant surprise ONB has been. Honestly, this is the first time I’ve felt that a public sector agency has come across as more professional than many private sector groups I’ve worked with. The responsiveness and professionalism of your team has made a huge difference. The ecosystem you’ve created to support companies like us is impressive. We have offices in the U.S. and in Kolkata, India, and have worked with many other jurisdictions. No other jurisdiction offers the same level of professionalism and expertise as our experience in New Brunswick. You’ll get that initial contact, but that’s often where it ends.

With New Brunswick, I can reach out if I have talent recruitment needs, work permit questions, immigration questions or anything else. You have introduced us to other local companies, lawyers, accountants, and everything we need to get up and running quickly.

What should New Brunswick’s talent know about Lateetud?

Artificial intelligence, automation, robotics — it’s all exciting stuff.  If you want to work with innovative new-breed technologies, the stuff that will define how business will be done over the next couple of decades, this is the place you want to work.

Secondly, our consultants travel the globe. We operate throughout the U.S. and India and have ambitious plans for both Canada and Europe. If you’re interested in a great career that will have you seeing the world, you want to join our team. It’s that simple.

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Written by Jason Boies