Opportunities NB (ONB) is a dynamic organization dedicated to accelerating economic growth in the province. By attracting global businesses, strengthening exports, and empowering local companies and entrepreneurs, ONB plays a pivotal role in driving economic development and creating opportunities for success. At the heart of ONB’s mission is our exceptional Business Navigation team.

Building on previous #ONBTeamSpotlight posts, we are thrilled to introduce our Business Navigation team, a driving force behind empowering New Brunswick businesses for growth and success.

Our dedicated Business Navigators provide personalized one-on-one support to help entrepreneurs and business owners navigate the regulatory challenges of starting, owning, and operating a business in New Brunswick. From business registration to permits, licenses, and more, they’ve got the expertise to guide you through every step of the process.

Armed with a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, our Business Navigators utilize their extensive network of partners to connect business owners with the right resources and people. Their unwavering commitment to our clients’ success sets them apart, providing tailored solutions and facilitating valuable connections to support business growth.

Did you know?  The Business Navigation team, a relatively new service offered by ONB, assisted New Brunswick businesses more than 1,075 times in Fiscal 2022-2023 with an outstanding client satisfaction rate of 98.5%, marking the highest level of satisfaction since the inception of the program. This reflects government’s commitment to cutting red tape and improving and developing support services based on the evolving needs of businesses, contributing to the achievement of our provincial growth targets.

Join us in celebrating the incredible work of our Business Navigators as they continue to make a positive impact in the business community. Stay tuned for more exciting team spotlights as we showcase the exceptional talent that drives ONB!

Need assistance? New Brunswick businesses and entrepreneurs can call 1-833-799-7966 or e-mail nav@navnb.ca to contact an ONB Business Navigator.

Written by Jasmine Le