COVID-19 has created immense economic challenges across the globe. As businesses navigate through pandemic recovery, many are forced to pivot to a ‘new normal’.

We know that New Brunswickers and the businesses they represent are resilient, innovative, and agile. Many companies have had to adapt to the new reality and are succeeding in a post-COVID-19 world.

Moneris, one of the largest payment processing companies in North America, is one such company. Offering credit, debit, wireless, and online solutions to customers across Canada, Moneris processes more than 3.5 billion transactions per year. Over the course of its 18 years operating in New Brunswick, Moneris has become one of the largest employers in Sackville.

Opportunities NB (ONB) spoke to Tanya Becker, Director of Customer Experience, to learn about the company’s multipronged response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

ONB: What has changed for Moneris post-pandemic?

Becker: It’s been a busy period that has seen several products and solutions created to serve customers in this new normal. We recently launched Moneris Online, an e-commerce solution with our partners at Any small business can use it to launch a fully functional website with shopping cart functionality, payment gateway, etc. With online shopping more in demand, and likely to stay in demand, this is essential for many of our customers now more than ever.

The new Revenue Analysis Tool helps customers apply more quickly and easily for the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS). It is an easy-to-use calculator that helps generate the reports needed for customers to apply for the federal government’s subsidy and get the financial relief they need.

On the operations side, we have acted quickly to supply protective equipment — plexiglass, pin pad covers, and more — for our brick and mortar locations as provinces start to reopen.

Our field service technicians are still out supporting Canadian businesses, but they are operating under Health Canada guidelines as it relates to COVID-19. The biggest change has been moving our nationwide contact centre team to home-based work. More than 80 per cent of our 1,800 employees are working from home, that includes the team based here in Sackville.

How do you see the business being affected long-term?

The company should continue to stay healthy in the long term. For us, it will be about continuing to innovate our suite of solutions. It will be about giving customers an omnichannel environment for processing transactions. Things have changed, and some things will stay changed. Curbside pick up and online ordering, for example. Those things are likely to be necessary for more and more of our customers, so our technology needs to be able to make that easy for them. Companies need to be ready to have solutions in place that meet the ever-changing needs of customers. We are confident that we can adapt and innovate quickly moving forward.

Has there been a silver lining for you at all during/since the pandemic?

It showed us that we are a flexible organization, one that can pivot quickly. Not just with product launches but with operational changes. We moved a nationwide contact centre team home within two weeks without sacrificing productivity in the process. It has been heartening to know we can continue to function as we did prior to COVID-19, keep people safe, and avoid layoffs.

And, like many others, I would add the additional family time has been a silver lining. Family has been an oasis for many of us this year. Working at home in the summer months, with the kids home now, will be a nice change from the norm. New Brunswick is a gorgeous place, so staycations are more than welcome.

Lastly, what three words come to mind when thinking of how the company has responded to this period?

Analyze, innovate, support.

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Written by Jason Boies