When Kansas City, Missouri-based automotive experts NCM Associates looked to further its growth and add world-class SaaS products to its offerings, it looked to New Brunswick. Specifically, it looked at Moncton’s TSI Auto Solutions. In 2018, NCM acquired the New Brunswick-born TSI to bolster its digital offerings for its clients in the automotive space. The aim is to help dealers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) make smart, data-driven business decisions.

The 100% employee-owned NCM has grown its Moncton team from 32 associates in 2020 to a current count of 59 and plans to continue growing throughout 2023.

Stacey Stewart, NCM’s Vice President – Canada and Asia-Pacific, says even in the pandemic era when tech talent was in high demand, NCM was able to recruit great people thanks to a focus on culture.

“We stay competitive in terms of compensation, but it’s really about culture – finding people that are not only skilled but fit with the team,” she says. “People want to work here because we listen. For example, the team looked for a hybrid work model moving forward, and that’s exactly what we did. That openness and flexibility helps attract and retain great people.”

Stewart says the company’s brand promise – helping each other succeed every day – isn’t just copy, it’s a guiding light. “The adoption of hybrid work, that’s part of the promise. Our entire executive team, including our President, has fully embraced it. We do what it takes to keep our team motivated and engaged in the work.”

International Talent Helps

Stewart says the company has benefitted from great international talent, with several staff having immigrated to New Brunswick from abroad. “We have team members from Brazil, the Philippines, the Middle East, and multiple regions of Africa. One of our most recent hires is a great international student that came to us via the community college network. Our team brings increasingly diverse backgrounds to the table and we’re all the stronger for it.”

An Employer to Watch

“Although we were acquired by a US-based company, TSI Auto Solutions remains as a Canadian entity,” notes Stewart. “We’re Canadian proud, we’re not going anywhere, and we are still growing the team in Moncton and in other areas of the country. I love the job and get to work with some of the smartest people I’ve ever worked with.”

She says NCM employees are experts in not only technology and accounting but the automotive space – an industry seeing plenty of innovation with the push towards EVs. “It’s a fun space to work in. With things like the EV revolution and the last few years of inventory and supply chain challenges in the industry, there is never a dull moment. Dealers and OEMs need our data-driven insights more than ever, so this a great team to become a part of right now.”

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