In 2011, via acquisition of social media monitoring company Radian6, Silicon Valley titan established its presence in the province of New Brunswick.

Today, the company strengthens its ties to the region, officially welcoming the New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) into the Salesforce Academic Alliance Program. As part of this announcement, NBCC is launching a new Salesforce-related course offering.

Opportunities NB (ONB) spoke with Heather Hathaway, NBCC’s Director of Business Development, for more on this exciting news.

ONB: Can you offer some details on this new Salesforce course?

Hathaway: It’s called Essentials of Salesforce Administration and we will be offering it in the new year. This program is the first of its kind in the Maritime region, so it’s very exciting for NBCC and for New Brunswick.

ONB: Can you expand on what the Academic Alliance entails?

Hathaway: Salesforce collaborates with many post-secondary institutions in the support of their platform and its many solutions. They have a wealth of internally-developed educational material and make it accessible to Academic Alliance members. NBCC now has access to all of those terrific resources.

They have helped us set up this administrator program so that when our students begin the course they have a trial site set up where they are working on the actual Salesforce platform.

ONB: This course is open to new students only?

Hathaway: We are offering this course to new students interested in working in IT as well as to IT professionals who want to add Salesforce Administration to their existing portfolio. We are also offering it as an optional credit course to current NBCC students enrolled in our business, engineering, and IT programs. They can have this course on their transcript when they graduate as an additional credential already completed as part of their diploma. It’s a great skill set to add to a resume.

ONB: This should be of great benefit to New Brunswick’s tech workforce.

Hathaway: Absolutely, there are a lot of companies here that will benefit from having newly-minted Salesforce admins ready to work. Many tech companies already use Salesforce as their CRM solution, with them being the industry leaders. This will only improve New Brunswick’s tech workforce. I think that’s key for attracting even more top companies to New Brunswick.

ONB: Is there a demand for Salesforce administrators?

Hathaway: From what we’ve been told there certainly is. For example, the consultants we worked with on getting the training course launched were quite interested in hiring from our first cohort of graduates. I believe the demand is growing so this is very good thing for New Brunswick as a result.

The neat thing about this is that people will be able to do work from New Brunswick even though they may be employed by companies outside the province.

ONB: What’s next?

Hathaway: This is just the beginning of our collaboration with Salesforce. We are looking at Salesforce Developer offerings as well. At this point that feels like a next year project, so stay tuned.

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