With a rapidly rising middle class and strong consumer market, India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. The country is already Canada’s 9th largest export market and 10th  largest trading partner overall. In 2018, India was the largest source of international students for Canada’s universities and colleges.

That’s why India is one of the key markets New Brunswick is looking at as we seek to grow our population, diversify our trade and exports, and attract private sector investment to our province.

The India Strategy

Opportunities NB (ONB) has developed an India Strategy to build on New Brunswick’s enviable nearshore location and its access to key North American markets. Major India-based employers like Aditya Birla Group (AV Group), HCL Technologies, Tech Mahindra, Lateetud, and Sedin Technologies have already established successful operations in New Brunswick over the past few years. This strategy seeks to expand on those success stories by bringing even more human and financial capital to the province.

The next step in the India strategy is the announcement of a formal partnership between ONB and the Indo-Canadian Business Chamber (ICBC) focused on growing New Brunswick’s market presence and brand in India. ICBC works to strengthen trade, commerce, and economic opportunities between Canada and India. With headquarters in New Delhi, ICBC has a well-established network of representatives in major centres throughout India for ONB and our client companies to leverage.

ICBC will market New Brunswick within India over the coming months, giving our province an in-market presence while ONB works to establish a physical in-market presence in 2021.

“We are delighted to partner with ONB to promote the New Brunswick advantage to investors and entrepreneurs seeking a cost-effective, near-shore solution,” said Nadira Hamid, CEO of ICBC. “As we start this exciting journey with ONB, we are confident that it will help strengthen existing bilateral relations between India and Canada. We look forward to being part of New Brunswick’s international growth.”

How New Brunswick Benefits

ICBC will help ONB and New Brunswick find a path to success in the Indian market in a variety of ways, including:

  • Lead generation efforts;
  • Facilitation of B2B meetings;
  • Promoting our world-class post-secondary institutions like the University of New Brunswick (UNB), Mount Allison, and the New Brunswick Community College; and
  • Hosting virtual webinars with India-based audiences dedicated to showing New Brunswick and our emerging sectors like cybersecurity, agritech, energy & innovation, and digital health.

ICBC will also actively market New Brunswick as part of ONB’s ongoing efforts to globalize the New Brunswick brand.

Leveraging the New Brunswick Advantage

Great companies continue to grow their international footprints in New Brunswick by tapping into our highly educated bilingual workforce, our telecommunications infrastructure, startup-friendly innovation ecosystem, and everything else that makes up the cost-effective New Brunswick Advantage.

Since 2017, new restrictions on the H-1B visa in the U.S. have forced some of the most dynamic companies in the world to re-think their global footprints. The Province of New Brunswick has stepped up to be their solution.

“Canada is simply more predictable and safe right now. A lot of people back home with H-1B visas are finding Canada a more attractive option for them and their families,” notes Mani Kandaraman, CFO of Sedin Technologies.

“Tech Mahindra chose, in part, to expand in New Brunswick because of the strong international connections and working relationships the province has developed over the years,” said company representative Deepa Khosla. “We very quickly discovered the benefits of doing business in a well-connected and welcoming region. I’m excited to see our organization continue to grow and succeed here.”

New Brunswick understands the critical importance of India-based companies accessing great local and international talent. That is why ONB created a Client Engagement Team to support clients’ workforce development and talent recruitment efforts. Companies can turn to our Client Engagement Specialists for guidance and support on several immigration-related needs, including:

  • Immigration solutions for current staff looking to make the move to New Brunswick;
  • Finding the best local, national, and international talent to further expand their team;
  • Retaining international students on a permanent basis; and
  • Helping newcomers connect with multicultural associations and settlement services to provide soft landings for newcomers and family members.

New Brunswick’s smaller size is an important advantage in our value proposition to Indian companies. Things move quickly here and connecting with decision-makers, subject matter experts, and stakeholders is much easier than in larger urban centres. ONB is well-connected, serving as their single point of contact connecting them to the people that will help them thrive in Canada.

A Welcoming Community Awaits

Multiple New Brunswick communities have been ranked among the best places in the world to live. Enjoying a desirable work-life balance is easy here and we continue to let global companies know that their New Brunswick employees can be 10 minutes from work and 10 minutes from hiking, biking, the ocean, and some of Canada’s mightiest rivers.

New Brunswickers have welcomed newcomers from India and around the globe with open arms and celebrate the diversity these people bring to our province. Cultural markets across New Brunswick showcase local offerings as well as food and beverages from around the world. Most cities have multicultural festivals in the summer and a host of multicultural associations offer settlement services to help new arrivals with the transition to life in Canada.

Watch our virtual panel announcing this exciting new ICBC partnership below.