On June 16, Introhive announced it had secured a $100-million (USD, $121.3 million CAD) investment as part of a Series C funding round, the biggest of its kind in New Brunswick history.

Founded in 2012, the Fredericton-headquartered Introhive has grown from small startup to one of the top B2B relationship intelligence and data quality management companies in the world.

New Funding, New Roles

Funding of this magnitude obviously means workforce growth is on the immediate horizon. Trish Rueda, Introhive’s Director of Human Resources, says people can already visit the company’s careers page to see a host of open roles. “People should expect roles in many parts of the company – building on the already strong year we’ve had,” she says. “Our year-to-date has already seen roughly 90 new hires. Much of that is in sales and marketing. This new funding means more growth on the engineering side too – data scientists, sales engineers, quality assurance, you name it. Our Talent Acquisition team will also need to grow to keep up with all of this.”

Becoming a Preferred Employer

Introhive has made it a priority to create a welcoming company culture and become a place where the world’s top talent wants to work. This year has already provided plenty of recognition on that front. First, the company was named among the Best Workplaces for Start-ups in 2021 from Great Place to Work® . Rueda says plaudits like this means everything to the company. “Not only did we win Best Workplaces for Start-ups, we were then named one of the Best Workplaces for Women in 2021, we really value that particular honour. As a company, we are committed to diversity, inclusion, and equity for all. Creating a culture where women feel empowered and supported is vital.”

Rueda says the tech industry still has a way to go in terms of gender balance, and Introhive values being one of the companies leading the way by bringing more women into the industry. “We’ve given much attention to every detail of the recruiting process to make ourselves more attractive to female candidates. This involves being more attentive to things like the wording of our job descriptions and job postings. In one instance, a re-worded sales position saw a huge jump in female applicants after the re-write; this stuff is more important than many companies know.”

A Diverse Workforce is Non-Negotiable

“The world has, fortunately, become more aware of the need to diversify their workforce, not only with regards to gender, but ethnicity and sexuality,” notes Rueda. Introhive’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee, comprised of diverse employees from across the organization, helps ensure job postings are better geared towards a globalized workforce. “Our team needs to mirror the diversity of our world and of our clients.” She says Introhive is always looking for partners to help them find new ways of getting more people from underrepresented groups into their workforce.

With multiple offices including teams in Chennai, India, and London, England, that global approach to recruiting is a no-brainer. New Brunswick remains Introhive headquarters, however, and the company is thrilled to recruit more homegrown talent via this new funding. “Most of the leadership team including our CEO Jody Glidden are from Atlantic Canada, and its still where the bulk of our team is. Luckily there’s no shortage of great tech talent in New Brunswick. We can’t wait to meet more of them.”

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