The province of New Brunswick is home to one of the largest most highly-diversified energy portfolios in Canada. Hydroelectric power, natural gas, solar, wind, and nuclear power – we have it all.

The Smart Grid Innovation Network (SGIN) has partnered with innovative organizations like the University of New Brunswick (UNB), Siemens, NB Power, and Emera Energy. Via the SGIN’s multiple component labs, New Brunswick provides innovative companies the sandbox environment needed to validate their energy-related products and services. Fall 2019 saw the SGIN announce it would move forward with Greg Robart in a newly-created role of CEO. Mr. Robart was previously Global Lead in Siemens Canada’s utility practice where he led a variety of clean energy-related projects in Canada, the United States, and the Middle East.

Meanwhile, leading global research continues to happen at UNB, the Université de Moncton (UdeM), and throughout our community college network.

February 2020 saw the province take its next step in leading the way in the Energy Innovation sector with the launch of the Atlantic Clean Energy Alliance.

The Alliance consists of Opportunities NB (ONB), ARC Nuclear Canada, NB Power, UNB, Moltex Energy, Atlantica Centre for Energy, the Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development, and Economic Development Greater Saint John.

“Multiple stakeholders throughout the province have worked hard to make New Brunswick a leader in energy innovation,” notes Steve Milbury, ONB’s Senior Director of Investment Attraction. “That commitment to collaboration is why we continue to push the envelope around innovation and the capacity to bring abundant clean energy to the province.”

Great Things Are Happening in New Brunswick

Energy innovation is key to our future growth and prosperity, and the Government of New Brunswick is actively supporting the growth of the province’s diverse energy sector.

Beyond the exciting announcement of the Clean Energy Alliance, here’s a roundup of the many energy-related goings-on in our province over the past year.

  • Smart Grid Atlantic, a partnership of Siemens, NB Power, and Nova Scotia Power, was awarded $35.66 million in federal funding for a $92.7 million project aimed at analyzing challenges and opportunities posed by Canada’s energy transition.
  • ARC Nuclear Canada Inc, UNB, and the province of New Brunswick are collaborating on the development of Small Nuclear Reactor technology. Early 2019 saw UNB receive a $500,000 contribution from ARC Nuclear towards its ARC-100 technology development.
  • The Province of New Brunswick signed an MOU with Ontario and Saskatchewan on the development of small modular reactors (SMR).
  • Moltex Energy establishes an office in Saint John to pursue SMR technology. “The long-term vision is to have New Brunswick as a cluster, to build a plant there and get the local supply chain engaged in the best position to sell components as we sell reactors around the world,” said Moltex Canada Chief Executive Rory O’Sullivan.
  • The Burchill Wind Energy Project from Saint John Energy. This project is expected to ‘help reduce reliance on imported energy sources, reduce greenhouse emissions, and attract businesses looking for cheaper and greener energy options.
  • Saint John Energy receives 1.25-megawatt lithium-ion battery from Tesla. “It can power more than one hundred homes for two hours, if necessary,” noted Andrew Ahearn, Manager of engineering for Saint John Energy.
  • Siemens Canada announced its membership with UNB’s Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity (CIC), an important piece in New Brunswick’s world-class cybersecurity cluster.
  • Clean energy company Naveco Power ramps up with the help of Fredericton-based Planet Hatch and its accelerator program.
  • The Canadian Government commits $4 million to support energy projects from the City of Saint John and Saint John Energy.
  • Furthering its commitment to the region, ARC Nuclear Canada announced a partnership with OARO, an Atlantic Canadian company specializing in digital identity and Blockchain cybersecurity. “The company has maintained that New Brunswick brings a fit-for-service site, strong nuclear background, safe and effective nuclear operator, flexible workforce and ideal academia supporting development and innovation, ideal for the ARC Canada technology.”
  • The Mitacs Accelerate internship program will soon play a role in Atlantic Canada’s smart grid ecosystem. Accelerate is a federal program supporting research between for-profit and (approved) non-profit groups, interns, and faculty heads at the country’s top universities.

Great things are happening in Energy Innovation in the province of New Brunswick. Be sure to visit our Energy Innovation page for more information, including how to contact our business development executives.

Written by Jason Boies