ONB is pleased to announce a formal partnership with Canadian Entrepreneurs in New England (CENE), a Boston-based organization made up of Canadian expats from multiple sectors. These incredible entrepreneurs are giving back to their home country the best way they know how — by helping their fellow Canadians be successful in the New England marketplace.

The CENE is comprised of Canadian executives, entrepreneurs, and investors, and operates in association with the Consulate General of Canada in Boston. These individuals share a passion for their Canadian heritage and a desire to give back to Canada.

Think of having roughly 300 of your friends ready to help your company do business in a potentially lucrative market, that’s how I like to think of CENE. New England is already a significant export market for New Brunswick, and this opportunity represents a new way to strengthen our province’s ties to that region.

A First in Canada

It is important to note that New Brunswick is the first Canadian province to form a strategic partnership of this kind. Opportunities NB is taking a leadership role as it relates to significantly moving the needle on the spirit and actions of New Brunswick’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by building strategic partnerships with key organizations like CENE. Our CEO Stephen Lund is heavily invested in developing our entrepreneurial portfolio. I have had incredible access to Stephen and his insights over the past few months as we continue to develop our organization’s entrepreneurship strategy. Exciting announcements like this one are just the tip of the iceberg.

What Does this Mean for New Brunswick Entrepreneurs?

CENE will collaborate exclusively with ONB in New Brunswick to support our local entrepreneurs. CENE and ONB will become the go-to resources for entrepreneurs with a real interest in making connections in the New England region.

The benefits to New Brunswick companies include:

  • Access to a terrific network of experts (including mentors) that can help NB entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses
  • Accelerated access to capital/investments in NB companies
  • Enhanced quantity and quality of connections with relevant stakeholders in Boston/New England
  • Opportunities to attend relevant industry events in the Boston/New England area

We have an impressive roster of New Brunswick companies accompanying us to Boston next week for a full two-day slate of events. This is just the beginning, however. Keep an eye on this space, because we have more to come with regards to our entrepreneurship strategy. We are not willing to play second fiddle to anyone; we are really pushing the envelope to better empower New Brunswick entrepreneurs. This new CENE partnership is a prime example of that leadership, and it’s only going to get more exciting.

Written by Rivers Corbett

Images via CENE