Since 2017, new restrictions on the H-1B visa have caused some of the most dynamic companies in the world to re-think where they house current and future employees. The Province of New Brunswick has stepped up to be their solution. HCL Technologies, 360insights, and Tech Mahindra are just some of the world-class companies making their move to the province in recent years.

New Brunswick understands the critical importance of companies being able to attract and retain top international talent. Opportunities NB (ONB), via its Investment Attraction and Workforce Strategy teams, has been providing these companies with resources and guidance required to establish or expand operations in Canada and retain staff impacted by post-2017 changes to U.S. immigration rules. Companies have invested heavily in their employees and Canada has proven to be the solution to retaining them.

“New Brunswick has successfully attracted numerous global companies to our province, and immigration has been a factor in many of those success stories,” notes Steve Milbury, ONB Senior Director – Investment Attraction. “Companies looking to move their skilled talent to Canada should know that ONB provides end-to-end support to make that happen.”

One-Stop-Shop for Employers

U.S. and global companies exposed to H-1B visa issues, and individuals with the same visa-related challenges, have worked with our team for guidance and support on that issue as well as other immigration-related needs, including:

  1. Immigration solutions for current staff looking to make the move to New Brunswick;
  2. Finding the best international talent to further expand their team;
  3. Retaining international students on a permanent basis; and
  4. Helping newcomers connect with multicultural associations and find housing.

ONB is one of the only economic development agencies in North America providing clients with access to a Workforce Strategy team. Our Workforce Strategists and in-house Immigration Specialist work in tandem with immigration officials and other partners to provide clients with tailored workforce solutions.

The New Brunswick Advantage

Surrounded by beaches, lakes, and parks, the province offers natural beauty, a vibrant culture, low living costs, and a diverse and welcoming community for your people. New Brunswick also offers impressive technology infrastructure which easily allows your team to work remotely. In fact, remote work is encouraged now more than ever given our post-COVID-19 reality. The affordability factor is one of the best in North America, and Canada as a whole is a politically stable country. For any U.S. company looking to have an East Coast presence, New Brunswick is geographically advantageous to cover the Americas and Europe.

For individuals, numerous opportunities exist to work with many of the world-class companies we have in the province. New Brunswick’s focus on immigration has created a comprehensive mandate to attract companies and individuals via the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project, Immigrant Settlement Agencies working with newcomers, virtual job fairs, and more.

Make Your Move

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Written by Jason Boies