As an ONB summer student working in Communications, I have been fortunate to witness some of the great things happening in New Brunswick in the last few months.

Last week, for example, I attended the grand opening of Dream Payments’ Moncton-based Centre of Excellence. ONB welcomed the company to the province with a full day of activities including a networking breakfast, the office ribbon cutting, and a barbecue for employees and their families.

It was a tremendous hands-on experience that demonstrated just how much planning goes into these events and how welcoming New Brunswick is for newcomers.

Immigration and New Brunswick

The big takeaway for me was learning the personal stories of some of Dream Payments’ team members. Many Dream Payments employees are immigrating to Canada from Russia and Vietnam, bringing their families with them. Moving to a new country is a huge step to take for one’s career. This immigration story speaks to the genuine desire people have to call New Brunswick home.

Dream Payments New Brunswick One of the day’s highlights was witnessing ONB team members, like Workforce Strategy Manager Camille Bourque (pictured right), blowing bubbles with some of the employees’ children and helping them colour in their colouring books. This, to me, is New Brunswick hospitality personified.

As a native New Brunswicker, I can confidently say this is a place that embraces new people and opportunities. We recognize the value that newcomers bring to our communities. New Brunswick is a place offering a perfect mixture of industry and a thriving natural environment waiting to be explored.

Great Things Are Happening Here

Working with the province’s lead business development organization has been a real eye-opener. There are exciting things happening here — such as the arrival of companies like Dream Payments — that I may not have recognized before joining ONB.

It was exciting to see how those families were welcomed to New Brunswick at the Dream Payments opening. These new arrivals will get to take in all that this province has to offer as they begin the next chapter of their lives. Many of the employees remarked how appreciative they were of the day’s events, and how welcome they felt in Moncton from day one.

I am fortunate to have grown up in New Brunswick and to be able to continue my education here. Some of my favourite childhood (and young adulthood) memories include exploring the St. Martins Sea Caves, family visits to Shediac in summer, and enjoying delicious seafood at one of Uptown Saint John’s great restaurants. These are the kinds of experiences I hope new families will be able to share together as newly-minted New Brunswickers.

Unsurpassed quality of life is one of our Top 10 Benefits of New Brunswick and with good reason. Would you like to learn more about launching or growing your business in New Brunswick? Connect with ONB’s Business Development Team at the button below.

Written by Emily DesRoches

Cover image: The Dream Payments team and their families