Sussex Beard Oil Merchants is a small business located in Sussex, New Brunswick founded by entrepreneur and beard enthusiast Matt White. The company produces a variety of all-natural men’s grooming products including soaps, conditioners, brushes, shaving balms, moustache wax, and its signature beard oil.

When Opportunities NB (ONB) first met Matt White in June 2014 he was passionate about both his business and the entrepreneurial spirit he saw in New Brunswick. The product was strong and White was keen to begin exporting beyond the region; what he lacked was confidence in his own business acumen.

His initial meetings with ONB were focused as much on building confidence and trust as they were around business coaching and discussions of financing.

In the case study linked below, find out how ONB worked with Sussex Beard Oil Merchants to achieve small business success in New Brunswick, including a successful appearance on CBC’s popular Dragons’ Den series.

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Written by Jason Boies