Advanced small modular reactor event brings together energy industry leaders

SAINT JOHN (GNB) – Developing an advanced small modular reactor supply chain and building a skilled industry workforce in New Brunswick was the focus of an event held Tuesday. The gathering in Saint John was hosted by NB Power, ARC Canada and Moltex Energy, with the support of various industry partners.

“Our government has made energy innovation a priority sector, and the interest in the event and the importance of those who were present are a demonstration of its significance,” said Arlene Dunn, who is the minister responsible for Economic Development and Small Business as well as minister responsible for Opportunities NB. “With the growing interest in advanced small modular reactors – the next generation of nuclear technology – Tuesday’s event was the springboard required to ensure New Brunswick is ready to continue to meet the needs of this industry and is able to maximize the economic opportunity for the province’s businesses and people.”

In the executive summary of the feasibility study for Small Modular Reactor Development and Deployment in Canada, it is estimated that national economic benefits from demonstration units in New Brunswick prior to 2035 could include:

  • 21,870 person-years of direct and indirect employment
  • a positive impact on GDP (direct and indirect) of $2.15 billion
  • an increase in government revenue of $198 million

The same document indicates that expanding this to 2060 through a fleet of Canadian and export units could result in:

  • 537,000 person-years of direct and indirect employment
  • a $59 billion impact on GDP (direct and indirect)
  • $5.2 billion in increased government revenue

“The future of energy in Atlantic Canada is carbon-free, and the entire small modular reactor ecosystem has the potential to provide environmental and economic benefits,” said federal Official Languages Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor, who is also minister responsible for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency. “We are committed to working with government partners, academia, industry and Indigenous groups to help seize these opportunities for a thriving sector and a clean energy future.”

NB Power is working with ARC Canada and Moltex Energy to advance fourth-generation reactor technology for use in New Brunswick.

Media Contact(s):

Michel LeBlanc, communications, Opportunities NB,

Ann Kenney, communications, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency,