Building to be constructed at Fredericton’s Knowledge Park for cybersecurity companies

FREDERICTON (GNB) – A building will be constructed by Greater Fredericton Knowledge Park Inc. with support from the provincial government. The 12,150 sq. metre (135,000 sq. feet) building will be known as Cyber Park.

“This new building will be an enormous step forward in all your government’s efforts to establish New Brunswick as a leader in the field of cybersecurity,” said deputy premier Stephen Horsman. “Cyber Park will have all of the facilities needed to play home to the world’s leading cybersecurity companies, some of whom are already located here in Fredericton. Your government is delivering on job creation and economic growth and getting things done on behalf of New Brunswick’s working families.”

Cyber Park will be located on the north side of Knowledge Park Drive, about 500 metres from existing buildings. The building will have the infrastructure required to host a center of excellence and will include labs for cybersecurity innovation and commercialization. The site will be constructed with a high level of security and resilience, to support cybersecurity operations for critical infrastructure protection.

“Opportunities NB has had a record year and has attracted exciting companies to New Brunswick to join our world class cybersecurity ecosystem,” said Stephen Lund, CEO of Opportunities NB. “Our repayable loan in support of this new building is a logical next step in creating the critical infrastructure these leading companies are looking for. The word is spreading, there are great things happening in New Brunswick and this is yet another example.”

In support of this $37-million project, Knowledge Park Inc. is eligible for a $30-million repayable loan from Opportunities NB, which is a Crown corporation which works to attract and support opportunities to grow the economy and create jobs. It provides support services for business across the province.

“Opportunities NB and the provincial government have been important ongoing partners, as we have built Atlantic Canada’s largest research and technology park,” said Larry Shaw, CEO of Knowledge Park. “Being able to break ground on Cyber Park is a great moment for the City of Fredericton and a great day for the cybersecurity ecosystem in our province.”

The new building will be comprised of two towers. It will be a total of four storeys with the ground floor containing the central core and common support area, totaling about 3,410 sq. metres; and three floors of about 3,150 sq. metres each, containing leasable space and central core. The building will be designed to be energy efficient and is intended to be occupied by high-technology users.