May 6, 2018, CAMPBELLTON (GNB) – HGS Canada will create up to 300 home-based jobs across northern New Brunswick over the next four years with support from the provincial government.

“New Brunswick’s multi-year economic growth plan focuses our efforts on creating job opportunities across the province,” said Premier Brian Gallant. “Your government understands the importance of these new positions to northern communities. Home-based work allows New Brunswickers to exercise their skills and earn a living, all while contributing to the success of their communities and families.”

The company’s decision to invest in New Brunswick is viewed as highlighting the strength of the province’s business services sector. Both the business services centre industry and home-based work are identified as opportunities in the New Brunswick Economic Growth Plan.

“After conducting a successful tour of northern New Brunswick communities in 2017, we were extremely pleased with the results,” said Ross Duff, senior vice-president of operations for HGS Canada. “The HGS work-from-home model allows our employees to undertake every aspect of their work online; from application and training to shift-scheduling and customer support. We are very pleased with the talent we have been able to acquire across northern New Brunswick, and we are sure New Brunswickers will enjoy their work experience with HGS.”

To support the creation of these new jobs, HGS is eligible for an investment of up to $1.19 million from Opportunities NB, which is a corporation that seeks to attract and support opportunities to grow the economy and create jobs. It provides support services for businesses across the province.

The funding comes in the form of payroll rebates, which are performance based and disbursed annually to a company only when it has created and maintained the jobs during the year of the claim. The company must provide proof of salary levels and employment.

It is estimated that creating up to 300 jobs would generate an additional $3.6 million in provincial tax revenue over four years and $34.2 million in GDP over that same period.

HGS Anoncement 07-05-2018
From left: Marco Colaiacovo, home-based lead for HGS Canada; and Premier Brian Gallant.


Jeff Hull, communications, Opportunities NB, 506-453-8694.