October 9, 2016, SHENZHEN, China (GNB) – Premier Brian Gallant met with officials from one of China’s leading supermarket chains during a trade mission in that country. Topics of discussion included introducing more New Brunswick products to the Chinese market.

China Resources Vanguard Supermarket Co. is a large, multi-sector, influential state-owned company with interests in multiple manufacturing and retail sectors. It is responsible for more than 4,400 stores nationwide.

“One of the goals of this mission to China is to open new markets for our agricultural and seafood products,” said Gallant. “We were pleased to have the opportunity to showcase New Brunswick businesses and products to this major Chinese retailer.”

Gallant was accompanied by other New Brunswick delegates, including a representative from Cooke Aquaculture, which currently has salmon products in China Resources Vanguard Co. supermarkets. Also participating in the meeting were representatives from Prelam Enterprises, LA Trading, Groupe Westco, SC&W Solutions, and Dantra Speciality Products. In addition to the meeting, the delegation visited one of the flagship stores to see the layout and presentation of products.

“All the New Brunswick businesses did a great job of showcasing what they have to offer to this large supermarket chain,” said Gallant.

The premier is leading New Brunswick’s largest-ever multi-sector delegation to China, with more than 15 business and two universities participating in the nine-day mission.

NB products marketed to Chinese supermarket chain 09-oct-2016

Premier Brian Gallant met with officials from China Resources Vanguard Supermarket Co., one of China’s leading supermarket chains, during a trade mission in that country.


Julie Robichaud, press secretary, Office of the Premier, 506-238-4256.