August 16, 2021, FREDERICTON (ONB) – Dynamic and growing cities. Minutes from rivers, lakes, and beaches. Own a home for under $200K. Live a more relaxed, healthy, and affordable lifestyle. If you’re a remote worker who can work from anywhere (WFA) we think you should consider New Brunswick.

Following a successful first phase of a pilot program entitled “Live For the Moment NB”, the province is once again reaching out to remote workers in other parts of Canada to highlight the advantages and lifestyle benefits of living and remote working in New Brunswick.

“Young professionals may not have considered New Brunswick to find the lifestyle and work/life balance that they’ve been dreaming of,” said Arlene Dunn, minister responsible for Opportunities NB. “We’re encouraging these young professionals to take a look at what we have to offer and to consider the possibility of living their best life in one of Canada’s most beautiful and most affordable locations.”

“In just the first quarter of this year, over 3,500 people migrated here from other parts of Canada,” said Dunn. “It’s already led to a significant boom in our housing market which has led to more construction, more jobs, and growth in our economy.”

The Province, in partnership with the regional economic development and business organizations across the province, is adding a second phase to the campaign to engage remote working professionals who are considering their options in the growing work from anywhere culture.

“By attracting new people to our province, we also open the door to incredible opportunities for economic, social, and cultural growth; opportunities that make our province a great place to work, live and grow,” said Dunn.

The campaign highlights the key benefits of living in New Brunswick including affordability, work/life balance, a great geographic location, and community connectedness you can only find in a province like New Brunswick.

For more information on the campaign, remote workers can contact us at 1-800-470-6168 or log on to

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Abigail McCarthy, marketing and communications, Opportunities NB,