November 20, 2015, BELLEDUNE (GNB) – Premier Brian Gallant hosted an Opportunities Summit for the provincial advanced manufacturing industry today in Belledune.

“Manufacturing and exporting are crucial parts of the New Brunswick economy,” said Gallant. “Our government is committed to helping manufacturers compete internationally and grow their businesses to create jobs at home.”

At the summit, stakeholders from the manufacturing sector from around the province discussed how to create opportunities to promote growth in their industry.

New Brunswick has 857 manufacturing establishments, of which 54 per cent have fewer than 10 employees. Only four per cent of these businesses have more than 200 employees. There are about 28,000 people working in manufacturing jobs.

As an industry, advanced manufacturing contributed $2.9 billion to provincial GDP in 2014, or 11 per cent of total provincial GDP.

“Building a sustainable, high-performance economy that produces better opportunities for future generations in New Brunswick is a priority of our government,” said Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries Minister Rick Doucet, who is also minister responsible for Opportunities NB. “We are one of Canada’s most active trading provinces. Our manufacturing businesses are building their future by exporting excellent New Brunswick-made products to the global marketplace. Our government will work hard to shape the manufacturing industry of tomorrow; a high-tech, highly-skilled, high-value and high-paying industry that will power the economy for future generations.”

A series of Opportunities Summits are taking place around the province to identify new prospects for creating jobs and economic growth in New Brunswick. The opportunities identified will be reviewed and evaluated for development as part of an economic action plan for the province.


Sheila Lagacé, corporate communications, Executive Council Office, 506-444-4088.