July 25, 2018, RIVERVIEW (GNB) – Tech Mahindra, an Indian-based information technology company, is establishing a business services centre in Riverview, creating up to 116 jobs over the next five years with support from the provincial government. The company also intends to relocate up to 30 employees to New Brunswick.

“New Brunswick’s multi-year economic growth plan focuses our efforts on creating job opportunities,” said Premier Brian Gallant. “The story of Tech Mahindra’s investment in New Brunswick is a wonderful one for our province. This new business services centre is an opportunity to create new jobs for New Brunswickers, and has the potential to see us welcome new immigrant families to the Greater Moncton area.”

The jobs will include business services agents, team leads, information technology support workers, human resources personnel, administrative support staff and managers.

The province’s business services centre sector employs 18,000 people and contributes an estimated $1 billion to the province’s GDP annually. The industry is identified as a strategic opportunity in the multi-year New Brunswick Economic Growth Plan.

“The inauguration of our centre in New Brunswick marks a new milestone for Tech Mahindra’s international footprint and underlines the strong spirit of co-operation with the local authorities,” said company president Ritesh Idnani. “This is an exciting growth hub globally and offers enormous opportunity for not just Tech Mahindra, as one of the leading companies in business process services, but also the community at large.”

It is estimated that creating 116 new jobs would contribute $26.2 million in direct GDP for the province over five years, and generate $1.3 million in provincial income taxes over the same period.

To support the creation of these jobs, the company is eligible for an investment of up to $800,000 from Opportunities NB, which is a Crown corporation that seeks to attract and support opportunities to grow the economy and create jobs. It provides support services for businesses across the province.

The investment will be in the form of payroll rebates, which are performance-based and only given to a company once it has met criteria set out in its agreement with Opportunities NB. Tech Mahindra will receive a rebate annually based on a percentage of the salary of every job filled that meets the conditions of the agreement.

Tech Mahindra offers its clients a specially designed digital service portfolio, including design, analytics and artificial intelligence. It partners with companies around the world.

Media Contact:

Jeff Hull, communications, Opportunities NB, 506-453-8694, jeff.hull@onbcanada.ca.

From left: Finance Minister Cathy Rogers; Amit Dhingra, vice president and global head of international centres for Tech Mahindra; and Premier Brian Gallant.