New Brunswick recognizes that agritech is critical to our ability to modernize our agricultural sector, one of our largest traditional industries. We are shaping the industry as it moves forward, and innovative agritech companies are taking notice.

A well-established agricultural sector

New Brunswick is well known for its farming, forestry, and fisheries. We have the value chain to support growing things, and a highly-skilled workforce with an expertise that has supported those industries here for generations. Add to that the research coming from our universities and colleges, as well as from groups like Research and Productivity Council (RPC) and everything is here for agritech companies to thrive.

New Brunswick is recognized as an international leader in potato research and production thanks in large part to having the largest producer of potato products headquartered here. McCain Foods is the world’s largest manufacturer of frozen French fries and potato specialties. The company’s products can be found in thousands of restaurants and supermarket freezers in more than 160 countries – one in every four French fries in the world is a McCain fry.

A cost-effective place to grow

New Brunswick is one of the most cost-competitive jurisdictions in Canada and the US, largely due to our low operating costs, research and development tax credits, and enviable costs of living. We know energy costs and availability are major concerns for controlled-environment agricultural companies. Our power rates are some of the most competitive across North America and our energy distribution network for natural gas and electricity are ready to support your needs.

New Brunswick also provides same-day access to more than 100 million North American consumers. We bring you closer to those lucrative US markets and provides access to global connections through well-developed shipping routes.

Our Agritech Success Stories

“Our location is prime. With our proximity to the US border, we can quickly get our products into US markets, while still servicing our customers across Canada.”
James Darrow, General Manager, Jolly Farmer
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