Digital Health

New Brunswick’s safe and nimble ecosystem creates the perfect environment for the development of technology that will improve healthcare for Canadians coast to coast.

The future of healthcare

ONB has identified New Brunswick’s potential in Digital Health. We have created strong partnerships and a solid strategy to launch the province into this rapidly growing industry.

Healthcare stands as one of the last industries to be significantly disrupted by technology. Digital Health refers to the umbrella of technological advances for health and healthy living. Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, telemedicine, wearables, blockchain, consumer health, & 3D printing are all part of Digital Health and are transforming healthcare worldwide.

ONB is positioning New Brunswick to be a leader in Digital Health through a strategy that encourages innovation and creates jobs. New Brunswick is uniquely poised to succeed in this sector because, unlike many larger centres, our ecosystem enables fast and safe innovation.

Partnering for success

In May 2018, ONB announced an agreement with a national leader, the Health and Technology District in Surrey, BC, to create a cross-Canada partnership focused on enhancing Digital Health innovation. New Brunswick will directly benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the Health and Technology District. The partnership enables the brightest minds to collaborate and develop health-related innovations on both sides of the country. It also strengthens our value proposition for companies interested in establishing or growing in New Brunswick.

Our Digital Health Success Stories

“Our partnership with ONB showcases Canada’s strength in Digital Health innovation to solve global healthcare challenges, and strengthens the province’s economic landscape through talent development and job creation.”
Rowena Rizzotti, Vice President of Healthcare and Innovation, Health and Technology District
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