Energy Innovation

New Brunswick has become a global centre of excellence in this sector due to a unique structure that goes from generator to consumer.

Leading global research is taking place at the University of New Brunswick (UNB), Université de Moncton, and our community colleges. Our Smart Grid Innovation Network (SGIN) has partnered with innovative organizations like Siemens, NB Power, UNB, and Emera. Via the SGIN, New Brunswick provides companies the sandbox environment needed to validate their products and services.

The Government of New Brunswick is committed to further bolstering our ecosystem in order for the private sector to further invest. Energy technology is key to the future growth and prosperity of our province.

Energy products and services are helping to fuel New Brunswick’s economy by supporting businesses at home and attracting new investment from around the world. Further success in this sector requires continued focus on key industry segments, fostering innovation and commercialization, and leveraging ONB’s multiple lines of business, including investment attraction, business growth, and export development.

By targeting four major industry segments, ONB is driving economic development through growth of existing relationships, attracting new companies, and strengthening potential for export to foreign markets.

Those industry segments are:

Smart Grid Technology – Helping businesses monitor and manage their energy use and enable development of more clean energy to advance our long-term economic growth.

Clean Energy & Storage – Developing and enabling clean energy sources to power the grid while lowering emissions while efficiently storing energy for future demand.

Securing Infrastructure – Leveraging New Brunswick’s world-class cybersecurity sector to help better secure physical and digital assets and resources, reducing or eliminating risks and vulnerabilities in the energy industry.

Consulting & Engineering – Further developing the many consulting and engineering services that support the grid reaching its full potential in an efficient, secure, and resilient manner.

Our Energy Innovation Success Stories

"Smart grid will play a major role in helping New Brunswick achieve the larger goal of making better use of energy, while reducing the need for future spending on power plants and lowering GHG emissions. This will enable NB Power to help their customers to better manage electricity usage."
Faisal Kazi, President and CEO, Siemens Canada
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