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A nearshore location, robust cybersecurity hub, and access to great talent are just some of the reasons New Brunswick is home to 5,000+ financial services and Fintech companies.

A clear sector advantage

New Brunswick’s financial sector, including financial services and fintech, includes more than 5,000 establishments, with more starting up or locating to the province every year. National and international organizations alike are attracted by advantages such as the province’s strategic nearshore location, stable economy, and customized training support offered through partnerships with local universities and colleges.

Financial Services is an employment-intensive sector: it is estimated that every 500 additional jobs in this sector boost GDP by $30 million and GNB tax revenue by $3 million.

This sector brings high paying, skilled jobs with companies like TD, one of Canada’s largest banks, which recently launched a corporate office in Greater Moncton.

The province’s financial sector also benefits from colocation with the most vibrant cybersecurity sector in Canada. New Brunswick is also home to CyberNB, an initiative aimed at innovation, research, and industry collaboration with a strong focus on the financial services sector.

Tailored services and incentives

Beyond the province’s sector advantages, ONB offers a range of complimentary business services to support financial-service and fintech organizations that choose to locate in New Brunswick.

Talent services include one-on-one immigration assistance, training consultation, recruiting expertise, and customized training programs developed in partnership with local universities and colleges.

Turnkey business services offer competitive cost analysis and connections to corporate realtors, developers, contractors, shippers, and utilities. And competitive, tailor-made financial incentive packages enable you to accelerate growth and maximize your competitive advantage.

Our Financial Services and Fintech Success Stories

“We really wanted to bring our offshore operations nearshore to increase functional efficiency [...] Ultimately, New Brunswick had the right combination of infrastructure and quality of life we felt would be ideal for existing employees."
Long Van, CTO, Dream Payments
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