Food & Beverage

A diverse array of offerings including wild blueberries, cranberries, potatoes and French fries, salmon, nut butters, spices, maple syrup, candy, and craft beer are some of the products putting New Brunswick on the map.

A Long, Rich History

Farming and fisheries are an important part of New Brunswick’s economy. Considering our history, it’s no surprise that the province is a global leader in the production and export of a variety of world-class food and beverage products.

Today, our large food and beverage sector is known globally for products made from a variety of local resources, including agriculture and seafood-based ingredients. New Brunswick’s food and beverage exports range from live to fresh, frozen, packaged, bottled, processed, and preserved.

Innovation Never Tasted So Good

New Brunswick is recognized as an international leader in potato research and production. Our reputation for excellence is backed by generations of experience, a deep commitment to quality, and the most modern agricultural research facilities and technologies available.

The Coastal Zones Research Institute at the Université de Moncton has helped make New Brunswick a hub for research, scientific dissemination, and Tech and IP transfers to industry, professionals and the general public related to food and food by-products.

“Despite being next door, the fact is we don't always have contacts in U.S. markets. So when ONB organizes a trade mission, and gives businesses an opportunity to sit down in front of 10-15 buyers, that's huge. I’ve been a part of trade missions where we've sat face-to-face with as many as 10 potential buyers over a couple of days. To get those 15-20 minutes with them—with the help of ONB—is something no small business can effectively do on their own.”
Mike Timani, Founder, Fancy Pokket
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