Information and Communications Technology

New Brunswick’s vibrant Information and Communications Technology sector is varied, with strengths in geomatics, ocean tech, digital health, SaaS, and telecommunications.

In Good Company

Many of the world’s most successful ICT companies have discovered New Brunswick. As a central point between Europe and the Americas, the province has become a nearshore hub for technology leaders like IBM, Salesforce, CGI, Xerox, MNP, Tech Mahindra, HCL Technologies, and more. These world-class companies continue to grow strategic nearshore technology centres here by tapping into favorable immigration options, an educated workforce, and everything else that makes up the cost-effective New Brunswick advantage.

CollabHub connects you with world-class, local solution providers and job opportunities while keeping you up-to-date on the latest digital industry news and events. It’s your link to our digital ecosystem.

The Talent You Need

ONB understands that finding skilled workers is a top priority. We work with you to determine the best means to attract the right people for you. When setting up in any new jurisdiction, companies face challenges in navigating the local and regional talent pool. That’s why our team, in conjunction with our provincial stakeholders at PETL, assists clients in accessing the right talent through a variety of proven strategies.

We also work with our post-secondary partners to create customized programs and tailor university and community college curriculum to meet the ICT industry’s needs.

Our ICT Success Stories

“New Brunswick represents the perfect environment to build, test and deliver products and services. Not only is it easier to leverage relationships and expertise, but because the province is smaller in size it is extremely easy to scale a product or service role out. It is a powerful ecosystem to operate from.”
Mike LeBlanc, Partner, Deloitte Consulting
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